The Coal Deposits of Indiana

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Advice to owners of land with coal measures, Chronology of coal mining and use, Coal as a rock, Coal classification, Coal mine ventilation, Coal mining methods, Coal mining tools, Coal prospecting, Coal structure, Coal types found in Indiana, Coal working methods, Coal-burning furnaces, Composition of coal, Conditions for coal formation, Cross section of coal fields, Drainage in mines, Financial aspects of operating a coal mine, Fossils found near coal measures, General geology of Indiana coal, General properties of coal, Geographic distribution of coal, Geologic distribution of coal, Geological analysis of coal for each Indiana County, Geology of Indiana coal, History of the coal industry in Indiana, History of the geological study of Indiana coal, Importance of fossil fuels, Impurities found in coal, Location of Indiana mines, Maps of Indiana coal distribution, Methods for doing a statewide coal survey, Mining safety, Mining strike negotiations, Mining strikes in Indiana, Origin of coal, Physical features of coal, Stratigraphy of Indiana coal fields, Tools used in coal mining operations, Types of coal measures, Waste products in coal mining
Ashley, G.H. (1899). The Coal Deposits of Indiana. In 23rd Annual Report of the Indiana Department of Geology and Natural Resources, pp. 1-1573.
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