Characterization of Indiana's Coal Resource—Availability of the Reserves, Physical and Chemical Properties of the Coal, and Present and Potential Uses

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Indiana Geological Survey


This publication provides a comprehensive summary of Indiana coal resources, coal characteristics, and current and potential use of Indiana coal. In addition to the previously evaluated resources of the Springfield, Danville, and the Seelyville coals, new GIS-based valuations are provided for the Hymera, Houchin Creek, Survant, and Colchester coals. The coal quality of major coal beds in Indiana is discussed and maps of sulfur, ash, and heating value are provided. Summaries of 35 trace elements are given and mercury, selenium, arsenic, and chlorine are discussed in more detail. Other aspects include coalbed methane potential, carbon dioxide sequestration, characteristics of limestone and dolomite for flue gas desulfurization, and the production and use of coal combustion products.



Coal, Mineral resources, Energy geology


Mastalerz, M., Drobniak, A., Rupp, J. A., and Shaffer, N. R., 2009, Characterization of Indiana's coal resource—availability of the reserves, physical and chemical properties of the coal, and present and potential uses: Indiana Geological Survey Special Report 66, 227 p. doi: 10.5967/ybrw-8y56

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