Aspects of Chimpoto Grammar: Text Recordings

Chimpoto is a Bantu language spoken in southwestern Tanzania, along the shores of Lake Nyasa. There are no offical statistics on the number of speakers, but estimates place the number at approximately 85,000. These recordings accompany the first published documentation of the language, representing the language of the Mbaha area (about 5 miles north of the Lundu Mission) as spoken by members of the Mwingira family. Data were obtained at Indiana University through elicitation by Margaret P. Mwingira, complemented by some recorded conversations and supplemented by written texts from several individuals. The following recordings correspond with the book LSAL 98: Aspects of Chimpoto Grammar, available at
LIST OF RECORDINGS: A) "Kutowola" — "Marrying" (recorded 5/19/15); B) "Cha kuteleka wembi" — "How to make beer" (recorded 5/19/15); C-1) "Ndava kiki Liyani likwela munani mumikongo" (source of phonetic transcription) — "Why Monkey climbs high in the trees" (recorded in 2014); C-2) "Ndava kiki Liyani likwela munani mumikongo" (narrative) — "Why Monkey climbs high in the trees" (recorded 12/20/17); D) Anatomy of a narrative text: "Ling’wina ni vana vambomba vaayohwini hee vakolongo" — "A crocodile and the girls who didn’t listen to (their) elders" (recorded 9/3/13)
Bantu, Tanzania, Mbaha, audio