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dc.contributor.advisor Tayloe, Rex en Katori, Teppei en 2010-06-08T17:18:02Z en 2027-02-08T18:18:02Z en 2012-01-14T01:31:26Z 2010-06-08T17:18:02Z en 2008 en
dc.identifier.uri en
dc.description Thesis (Ph.D.) - Indiana University, Physics, 2008 en
dc.description.abstract The Mini-Booster neutrino experiment (MiniBooNE) at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) is designed to search for &nu;&mu;&ndash;&nu;e appearance neutrino oscillations. Muon neutrino charged-current quasi-elastic (CCQE) interactions (&nu;&mu;+n&rarr;&mu;+p) make up roughly 40% of our data sample, and it is used to constrain the background and cross sections for the oscillation analysis. Using high&ndash;statistics MiniBooNE CCQE data, the muon-neutrino CCQE cross section is measured. The nuclear model is tuned precisely using the MiniBooNE data. The measured total cross section is &sigma;=(1.058&plusmn;0.003(stat)&plusmn;0.111(syst)) &times;10<super>-38</super> cm<super>2</super> at the MiniBooNE muon neutrino beam energy (700&ndash;800 MeV). &nu;e appearance candidate data is also used to search for Lorentz violation. Lorentz symmetry is one of the most fundamental symmetries in modern physics. Neutrino oscillations offer a new method to test it. We found that the MiniBooNE result is not well-described using Lorentz violation, however further investigation is required for a more conclusive result. en
dc.language.iso EN en
dc.publisher [Bloomington, Ind.] : Indiana University en
dc.subject neutrino oscillation en
dc.subject Lorentz violation en
dc.subject cross section en
dc.subject neutrino en
dc.subject MiniBooNE en
dc.subject CCQE en
dc.subject.classification Physics, Nuclear en
dc.subject.classification Physics, Elementary Particles and High Energy en
dc.title A Measurement Of The Muon Neutrino Charged Current Quasielastic Interaction And A Test Of Lorentz Violation With The Miniboone Experiment en
dc.type Doctoral Dissertation en

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