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This site serves two purposes. First it is a public archive for data and documents resulting from evolutionary, ecological, and behavioral research conducted by the Ketterson-Nolan research group. The focus of the research is an abundant North American songbird, the dark-eyed junco, Junco hyemalis, and the primary sources of support have been the National Science Foundation and Indiana University. The research was conducted in collaboration with numerous colleagues and students, and the objective of this site is to preserve not only the published products of the research, but also to document the organization and people that led to the published findings. Second it is a repository for the works of Val Nolan Jr., who studied songbirds in addition to the junco: in particular the prairie warbler, Dendroica discolor. This site was originally compiled and organized by Eric Snajdr, Nicole Gerlach, and Ellen Ketterson.

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Recent Submissions

  • Ketterson, Ellen D.; Nolan, Val Jr (American Society of Naturalists, 1999-07)
    We approach conceptual issues in evolutionary biology from an endocrinological perspective, noting that single hormones typically act on several target tissues and thereby mediate suites of correlated phenotypic traits. ...
  • Ketterson, Ellen D.; Nolan, Val Jr; Wolf, Licia; Ziegenfus, Charles (American Society of Naturalists, 1992-12)
    Hormones influence many aspects of organismal behavior, physiology, and morphol- ogy, and thus hormones may lie at the root of many life-history trade-offs. By manipulating hormones we can create novel phenotypes (i.e., ...
  • Ketterson, Ellen D.; Nolan, Val Jr (American Society of Naturalists, 1992-11)
    Because of their role in mediating life‐history trade‐offs, hormones are expected to be strongly associated with components of fitness; however, few studies have examined how natural selection acts on hormonal variation ...
  • Ketterson, Ellen (Indiana University Department of Biology, 2013)
    The Ordinary Extraordinary Junco is a documentary film project designed to engage, entertain, and inspire student and adult audiences of all backgrounds. The feature-length film (88 min.) is comprised of eight shorter video ...
  • Ketterson/Nolan Research Group (2013-10-31)
    Dark-eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis) nest data from Ketterson/Nolan Lab field work at Mountain Lake Biological Station, Pembroke, VA. Nestlogs include comments from observers for each nest visit as well as the following summary ...

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