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dc.contributor.advisor Lewison, Mitzi en Reed, Amber L. en 2010-06-01T22:00:17Z en 2027-02-01T23:00:17Z en 2010-06-11T05:23:27Z 2010-06-01T22:00:17Z en 2007 en
dc.identifier.uri en
dc.description Thesis (PhD) - Indiana University, School of Education, 2007 en
dc.description.abstract This qualitative study explored bullying through a critical lens in a seventh grade classroom located in a midsize Midwestern public middle school. Data were collected in a Communications class during the last rotation of the academic year. Data collected included: field notes, student writing, videotapes of classroom discussion, videotaped peer interactions, videotaped presentations, audiotapes of interviews with the teacher, administrators, and school counselor. This research integrated bullying and critical literacy theoretical frameworks in order to focus on the following research questions: 1. How will a teacher-directed bullying unit utilizing critical literacy practices impact a middle school seventh grade class? 2. How will a student-directed social action project on bullying, developed and implemented by middle school students, impact those who developed the project and the selected audience? 3. To what extent will the combination of critical literacy practices addressing the issue of bullying work as an anti-bully strategy? Glaser (1992) and Strauss and Corbin's (1990) constant comparative analysis and Gee's (1999) critical discourse analysis are used to analyze the data collected. By analyzing the data for reoccurring themes, assertions were developed. Assertions reveal the positive impact combining critical literacy and bullying frameworks had on students gaining new information about the complexity of bullying, transferring their personal experiences into motivation for action, initiating responsibility for their own learning, and a desire to raise awareness through social action in their school environment. The social action project created space for student input and reflection to evaluate their actions. The combination of bullying and critical literacy practices provides a framework for future studies exploring bullying behaviors in school settings. en
dc.language.iso EN en
dc.publisher [Bloomington, Ind.] : Indiana University en
dc.subject.classification Education, Language and Literature en
dc.title "I won't think about it the same way again": Critical Literacy as an Anti-Bullying Tool in the Middle School Setting en
dc.type Doctoral Dissertation en

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