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dc.contributor.advisor Wallace, Janet P en Park, Saejong en 2010-05-24T15:09:50Z en 2027-01-24T16:09:50Z en 2012-03-07T02:04:21Z 2010-05-24T15:09:50Z en 2006 en
dc.identifier.uri en
dc.description Thesis (PhD) - Indiana University, School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 2006 en
dc.description.abstract Despite limited research, the accumulation of physical activity has been recommended for the treatment of prehypertension. The purpose of this study was 1) to compare the duration and magnitude of blood pressure (BP) reduction following the accumulation of physical activity (PAaccum) vs. a single continuous physical activity session (PAcont), 2) to investigate the BP response during the rest periods between short sessions within the PAaccum, and 3) to investigate sympathetic modulation (SM) as a possible mechanism for BP reduction in prehypertension. Procedures include 1) BP screening, 2) maximal graded exercise test, 3) treatments (PAaccum, 4x10-min walk at 50% VO2peak; PAcont, 40-min walk at 50% VO2peak; and control), and 4) 12-hr ambulatory BP, and SM measurements via heart rate variability. In this randomized within-subjects design, 20 prehypertensive completed the study. Systolic (S) BP was reduced -5.4+1.7 mm Hg for 11 hrs following PAaccum and -5.6+1.6 mmHg for 7 hrs following PAcont. Diastolic (D) BP was reduced -3.4+1.3 mmHg for 10 hrs following PAaccum and -3.1+1.3 mmHg for 7 hrs following PAcont. In PAaccum, the change in sympathetic modulation was correlated with both SBP and DBP reductions. In PAcont, the change in sympathetic modulation was correlated with DBP reduction. SBP was decreased following the third short session within the PAaccum compared to the baseline. No significance was found in either DBP or SM during the rest periods between short sessions. In conclusion, the accumulation of PA appears more effective than a continuous session in the management of prehypertension. There is an additive effect of successive short sessions within the accumulation of physical activity on blood pressure reduction. Sympathetic modulation was associated with BP reduction following each PA treatment. en
dc.language.iso EN en
dc.publisher [Bloomington, Ind.] : Indiana University en
dc.subject Fractionization of Exercise en
dc.subject Post-exercise Hypotension en
dc.subject Heart Rate Variability en
dc.subject Ambulatory Blood Pressure en
dc.subject.classification Health Sciences, Rehabilitation and Therapy (0382) en
dc.subject.classification Health Sciences, Medicine and Surgery (0564) en
dc.subject.classification Health Sciences, General (0566) en
dc.title Blood Pressure Reduction Following The Accumulaton Of Short Physical Activity Sessions Versus A Continuous Physical Activity Session In Prehypertension en
dc.type Doctoral Dissertation en

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