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Recent Submissions

  • Hara, Noriko; Rosenbaum, Howard (The Information Society, 2008-04-21)
    One interesting problem arising from Kling and Iacono’s pioneering work on computerization movements (CMs) is the question of empirically determining a movement’s success or failure. This paper questions the question and ...
  • Hara, Noriko; Alsarhan, Hesham; Kilburn, John; Ynalvez, Marcus; Ynalvez, Ruby; Chen, Kuo-Hua (American Society for Information Science & Technology, 2010-10)
    In this paper we describe preliminary results of a three-year project that examines the enculturation of doctoral students in life science programs in Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore. The purpose of the study is to examine ...
  • Hara, Noriko; Huang, Bi-Yun (Annual Review of Information Science & Technology, 2011)
    The emergence of “e-movements” and new forms of “e-protest” and “e-activism” (Earl & Schussman, 2003) has signified the importance of the Internet as an organizational and mobilization vehicle for those engaged in social ...
  • Cronin, B. (Professor T.D. Wilson, 2012)
    In this short paper, avowedly personal, partial and pointillist in nature, I (i) sketch the early days of (mainly Anglo-American) information studies and the field's gradual institutionalization, (ii) describe its maturation, ...
  • Finlay, C.S; Sugimoto, C.R; Li, D; Russell, T.G (University of Chicago Press, 2012)
    This article examines the topicality of Library and Information Science (LIS) dissertations written between 1930 and 2009 at schools with American Library Association (ALA)-accredited university programs in North America. ...

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