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dc.contributor.advisor Whitehead, Donald R.
dc.contributor.advisor Clay, Keith
dc.contributor.advisor Delph, Lynda Beckman, Roger, 1950- 2006-12-07T22:09:09Z 2006-12-07T22:09:09Z 1994
dc.description.abstract As Epigaea repens L. (trailing arbutus) is a rare plant in Indiana, I studied four sites in south-central Indiana to identify habitat requirements and to locate additional sites. Habitat factors studied included soil type, companion vegetation, litter exposure, slope, 0 horizon depth, aspect, canopy cover, and pH. Epigaea repens is mostly found with litter exposure between 30-60%, slopes of 20-30°, O horizon 1.5-2.0 cm deep, an aspect between 180 " (south) and 330" (northwest), canopy cover > 70 %, low sapling density (0 to 0.12 saplings/rd), and a mean soil pH of 3.5. A controlled burn of 15 test plots was done to determine response to fire and litter removal. Flowering 13.5 months after the burn indicated that the burn had a significant negative effect. Seventeen and 1/2 months after the burn, a census of leaves, buds and stems indicated that the burn portions of the plots fared worse than the buffer or control portions. Twenty-five and 1/2 months after the burn the mean number of blossoms was still lower on the burn portions but it was not statistically significant. Sex ratios from three populations were measured for an indication of colony isolation and environmental conditions. All of the populations were slightly female biased. Competition with Vaccinium pallidum, a common companion species, may help restrict E. repens. Sites without E. repens but where the pH is suitable and where Vaccinium pallidum occurs were examined to help determine whether the distribution of E. repens is caused by historic accident or local habitat factors. The future outlook for the persistence of E. repens is positive. Suggestions for a management plan are (1) to locate additional sites, (2) to avoid timber harvesting near present sites in Morgan-Monroe State Forest and (3) to avoid burning as a management tool.
dc.description.statementofresponsibility Roger Beckman
dc.format.extent 3281716 bytes
dc.format.extent iv, 83 p. : digital PDF file.
dc.format.mimetype application/pdf
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher Indiana University
dc.subject Epigaea repens en
dc.subject Trailing arbutus en
dc.subject E. repens en
dc.subject Morgan-Monroe State Forest en
dc.title Epigaea repens in Indiana : habitat associations and the effects of controlled burning en
dc.type Thesis (M.A.)--Indiana University, Dept. of Biology, 1994. en

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