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  • Zhang, Hui; Boyles, Michael (1/11/2013)
    We present a novel interaction paradigm for the visual exploration, manipulation and analysis of human-robot interaction (HRI) rules; our development is implemented using a visual programming interface and exploits key ...
  • Chen, Peng; Plale, Beth; Cheah, You-Wei; Ghoshal, Devarshi; Jensen, Scott; Luo, Yuan (2012-09)
    Visualization facilitates the understanding of scientific data both through exploration and explanation of the visualized data. Provenance also contributes to the understanding of data by containing the contributing factors ...
  • Stewart, Craig A. (6/14/2012)
  • Stewart, Craig A. (9/23/2013)
  • Stewart, Craig A. (2/9/2009)
    Promoting Industrial Supercomputing in Indiana
  • Stewart, Craig A. (7/19/2012)
    Campus Bridging is more a mindset that should affect most of what XSEDE does rather than a specific set of software modules within the overall set of XSEDE services and products. Our goal is going to be to work with the ...
  • Stewart, Craig A. (6/28/2011)
    In early 2009 National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Advisory Committee for Cyberinfrastructure (ACCI) charged six different task forces to make strategic recommendations to the NSF in strategic areas of cyberinfrastructure: ...
  • Stewart, Craig A. (10/24/2010)
    An overview of what cyberinfrastructure means as well as some specific IU-based examples.
  • Stewart, Craig A.; Simms, Stephen; Plale, Beth; Link, Matthew; Hancock, David Y.; Fox, Geoffrey C. (ACM, 2010-10)
    Cyberinfrastructure is a word commonly used but lacking a single, precise definition. One recognizes intuitively the analogy with infrastructure, and the use of cyber to refer to thinking or computing – but what exactly ...
  • Stewart, Craig A. (4/29/2009)
  • Wheeler, Bradley C.; Hilton, James (Unizin.org, 6/11/2014)
    The formal launch of Unizin begins an exciting new chapter for Digital Education and a path for universities to shape our future. We have been fortunate to be among the many who have shaped the ideas that form Unizin, and ...
  • Simms, Stephen C.; Pike, Gregory G.; Balog, Douglas (2007-06)
    Today’s scientific applications demand computational resources that can be provided only by parallel clusters of computers. Storage subsystems have responded to the increased demand for high-throughput disk access by moving ...
  • Gil, Yolanda; Deelman, Ewa; Demir, Ibrahim; Duffy, Christopher; Marru, Suresh; Altintas, Ilkay; Pierce, Marlon E.; Wiener, Gerry; Altintas, Ilkay; Braeckel, Aaron; ... (9/15/2012)
    The EarthCube Workflows Community Group was formed in March 2012 as part of the NSF EarthCube initiative in response to initial discussions in EarthCube that occurred during 2011. Workflows are used to manage complex ...
  • Stewart, Craig A. (7/20/2012)
  • Stewart, Craig A.; Miller, Therese; Blood, Philip; Tillotson, Jenett; Froelich, Warran; DeStefano, Lizanne; Rivera, Lorna (2014-07-11)
    XSEDE 2012 conference final report
  • Miller, Therese M. (12/6/2011)
  • Stewart, Craig A. (7/16/2012)
  • Stewart, Craig A. (7/17/2012)
    XSEDE is the eXtreme Science & Engineering Discovery Environment. XSEDE12 is the first annual conference about XSEDE and about how XSEDE fits into the US national and international cyberinfrastructure.

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