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This collection contains published works by librarians and staff of the IUB Libraries.

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  • Baer, Andrea (ALA Publishing, 2015)
    This lesson plan addresses the concept of research and information sources as reflections of larger conversations. The instruction plan is most relevant to undergraduate students, though it might be modified for other ...
  • McDonald, Courtney Greene (The Scarecrow Press, Inc., 2013)
    Thinking about the future of libraries, librarianship and the work librarians do is as old as libraries themselves. At no time in our memory, though, have these discussions and conversations been so profound and critical. ...
  • Jagman, Heather; Koenig, Melissa; McDonald, Courtney Greene (IGI Global, 2008)
    Through leveraging the relationship between libraries and technology, colleges and universities can make the best use of the skills that librarians bring to the table. At DePaul University, three positions have been created, ...
  • Baer, Andrea (Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 2014-06)
    This classic article discusses research-based writing assignments. Schwegler and Shamoon sought to identify differences between college students’ and college instructors’ conceptions of research and research paper assignments, ...
  • Liss, Jennifer A.; Horne, Carl; Castrataro, James; Sewald, Ronda L.; Wheeler, Rachel (2013-11-01)
    The Indiana University PCC Non-MARC Authorities Issues Group was formed in response to the Program for Cooperative Cataloging’s (PCC) call for "… a well-articulated plan as to how [a non-MARC authorities] future could work ...

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