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  • Riley, Jenn (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2010-09-22)
    The RDF model underlying Semantic Web technologies is frequently described as the future of structured metadata. Its adoption in libraries has been slow, however. This is due in no small part to fundamental differences in ...
  • Porter, Dot (Dot Porter, 2009-01-26)
    In recent years there has been a growth amongst humanities scholars in the interest in the materiality of objects including manuscripts, printed books, and inscribed stones, as they relate to the text inscribed upon them ...
  • Dallis, Diane; Walters, Carolyn (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2006)
    This review describes the services offered in an information commons that primarily serves undergraduate students at a large research university. This paper provides background information on the implementation of a ...
  • Schmidt, Nancy J. (Indiana University Libraries, 1996)
    A summary of group discussions which resulted from the drafting of a national action plan aimed at strengthening and advancing area librarianship. Group discussions examined four key areas: education and preparation of ...
  • Schmidt, Nancy J. (Indiana University Libraries, 1996)
    A summary of responses to questions about education and preparation of librarians, continuing education and professional development, area programs and funding issues, and cooperative efforts and technology issues.
  • Cowan, Will (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2011-09-21)
    NEH has awarded a Digital Humanities Startup Grant to IU to create an Omeka plugin that will take the segmented and annotated video from the Annotator's Workbench and represent that information in Omeka. I plan to present ...
  • Konkiel, Stacy (2012-10)
    Select academic journal publishers and subject repositories have implemented tools that allow authors to see their “impact” at an article level. These usage indicators, called “altmetrics,” measure article citations, ...
  • Lockridge, Laurence S. (, 2011-12)
  • Wiggins, Gary (Monroe County (Indiana) History Center, 2010-08)
    A comprehensive listing of and biographical information about the native Russians who lived in Bloomington in the early years of Russian Language instruction at both Indiana University and in the affiliated U.S. Air Force ...
  • Dunn, Jon; Smail, Steve; Notess, Mark (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2006-11-29)
  • Dunn, Jon (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2008-04-16)
  • Konkiel, Stacy; Laherty, Jennifer; Noel, Robert (2012-02-24)
  • Ma, Nianli; Duhon, Russell; Borner, Katy (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2008-11-05)
    The Scholarly Database (SDB) aims to serve the needs of researchers and practitioners interested in the analysis, modeling, and visualization of large-scale scholarly datasets. The database currently provides access to 11 ...
  • Kouper, Inna (Indiana University Libraries, 2013-04-17)
    Major research universities are grappling with their response to the deluge of scientific data in its big data and long tail data forms. The latter consist of many diverse and heterogeneous sets, the data are collected via ...
  • Notess, Mark; Harris, Steve; Hardesty, Julie (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2011-03-21)
    The IMLS-funded Variations FRBR project has developed a faceted search interface, Scherzo, that works on top of 80,000 FRBRized MARC records. This talk includes a demo of Scherzo and compares the Scherzo user experience ...
  • Scherle, Ryan; Floyd, Randall (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2006-10-25)
  • Clendenning, Lynda F; Martin, J Kay; McKenzie, Gail (2005-03)
    Much of the collection development literature focuses on selection and management of collection content, but little focuses on the art of managing individual funds within the context of an institution's library materials ...
  • Wiggins, Gary (CHMINF-L listserve, 1997)
    Gary Wiggins' selected submissions to CHMINF-L, Chemical Information Sources Discussion List
  • Brancolini, Kristine (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2004-02-27)
  • Ding, Ying (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2008-10-01)
    Semantic Web starts from late 90s as the original vision of the WWW inventor Tim Berners-Lee. The power of the Semantic Web lies in the potential for interoperability through some well-defined metadata in machine understandable ...

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