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  • Walsh, John (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2006-12-13)
  • Mongin, Larry (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2003-10-10)
  • Dunn, Jon; Riley, Jenn (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2003-10-10)
  • Feddersen, Mark; Waldrip, Jain; Fitzwater, Matt (Indiana University Digital Collections Services, 2015-04-22)
    Kuali Open Library Environment is the first Library Management System designed by and for academic and research libraries. Focused on the management and delivery intellectual information, it’s being built by a community ...
  • Cowan, William (Indiana University Digital Collections Services, 2013-09-11)
    This project was funded by an NEH Office of Digital Humanities Startup Grant and is managed by Indiana University Libraries. This grant funded the creation of two Video plugins for Omeka. One allows the importing of ...
  • Dowell, Erika (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2010-04-07)
    Omeka is a free and open source collections-based, Web publishing platform for scholars, librarians, archivists, museum professionals, educators and cultural enthusiasts. This talk will provide an overview of Omeka's ...
  • Dowding, Heidi (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016)
    As libraries are increasingly charged with long-term preservation of materials, they are having to make difficult decisions about what can be preserved and for how long. This chapter explores how open access materials are ...
  • Konkiel, Stacy (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2012-10-24)
    Open Data is quickly becoming a buzz phrase in academia. Funding agencies are increasingly calling for the results of publicly funded research to be shared freely, and more and more scholars from across the disciplines are ...
  • Johnson, Brenda; Lloyd, Timothy; Bobay, Julie (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2011-12-07)
  • Bobay, Julie; Marsh, Moira; Montanez, Garett (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2011-02-16)
    Open Folklore, launched in October 2010 by the American Folklore Society and the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries, is a new scholarly resource that will make a greater number and variety of useful resources, both ...
  • Dunn, Jon; Walsh, John (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2004-04-09)
  • Meister, Sam; Wilson, Carl; Peltzman, Shira; Dowding, Heidi (iPRES 2016 Proceedings, 2016-10)
    In this paper, we describe the structure and contents for the OSS4Pres 2.0 workshop.
  • Brancolini, Kristine (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2005-03-25)
  • Wiggins, Gary (Wiley-VCH, 2003)
    survey of the main databases and data sources in chemistry
  • Notess, Mark (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2009-12-09)
    Sakai 3 will eventually mean a major change in IU's Oncourse. This talk will provide an overview of Sakai 3 current plans and directions. A demo will illustrate some of the major changes coming in Sakai, including a new ...
  • Zhang, Hui; Dunn, Jon (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2011-10-19)
    Over the years, Indiana University Digital Library Program has created dozens of digital collections for research and preservation. Traditionally, each collection will have its own website for public access. However, as ...
  • Porter, Dot; Durbin, Mike (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2011-04-20)
    Durbin and Porter will present on the DLP's work to ramp up the workflow for developing documentary photograph collections, from determining metadata needed for collections through making the digital collections publicly ...
  • Cowan, William; Homenda, Nicholas (Indiana University Digital Collections Services, 2017-02-01)
    The IU Libraries have a long history of delivering access to digital musical scores beginning with the Variations project in 1997. In 2014, the IU and IUPUI Libraries began work on a collaborative project to develop a new ...
  • Dekydtspotter, Lori; Dowell, Erika; Liss, Jennifer; Porter, Dot (Indiana University Digital Library Program, 2012-04-25)
    As libraries face diminishing resources and increased pressure to provide innovative services, librarians are looking to partnerships that cross departmental and institutional boundaries to bring together the necessary ...
  • Dekydtspotter, Lori; Williams, Cherry (Indiana University Libraries, 2013-02-13)
    When introduced with forethought and preparation, primary sources can help young students form a tangible link from the immediate present to the remote past. We will discuss our experience introducing elementary school ...

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