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  • Hardesty, Juliet; Clarke, Erin (Indiana University Digital Collections Services, 2015-12-09)
    Archives Online ( is a portal for accessing descriptions of Special Collections and Archives - ones chiefly containing materials other than books - from libraries, archives, ...
  • Motz, Gary (Indiana University Digital Collections Services, 2016-01-20)
    The Center for Biological Research Collections is a consortium of research-based scientific collections at Indiana University that works in close collaboration with the IU Libraries, the Advanced Visualization Laboratory, ...
  • Baer, Andrea (ALA Publishing, 2015)
    This lesson plan addresses the concept of research and information sources as reflections of larger conversations. The instruction plan is most relevant to undergraduate students, though it might be modified for other ...
  • Gniady, Tassie (Indiana University Digital Collections Services, 2015-12-02)
    R is a statistical package used by many digital textual analysts to explore aspects of styelometry. Here at IU, we have an instance of the popular Rstudio running on Karst to facilitate work on large corpora. However, it ...
  • Cowan, William; Floyd, Randall; Pierce, Daniel (Indiana University Digital Collections Services, 2015-10-14)
    Generally, when we think of a digital collection or repository, we think of digital images, ebooks, audio and video files. But some important digital collections, such a bibliographies, don’t have content per se but consist ...

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