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  • Timar, Adam ([Bloomington, Ind.] : Indiana University, 2010-05-24)
    First we consider some isometry-invariant point process on Rd and examine what types of graphs can be defined on the points of the process in such a way that the point process and the graph have an equivariant distribution. ...
  • Kim, Yun-Su ([Bloomington, Ind.] : Indiana University, 2010-06-01)
    The theory of Jordan models for contractions is due to B. Sz.-Nagy - C. Foias, B. Moore - E.A. Nordgren, and H. Bercovici - D. Voiculescu. J.A. Ball introduced the class of C0-operators relative to a multiply connected ...
  • Weyhaupt, Adam Gilbert ([Bloomington, Ind.] : Indiana University, 2010-06-01)
    Until 1970, all known examples of embedded triply periodic minimal surfaces (ETPMS) contained either straight lines or curves of planar symmetry. In 1970, Alan Schoen discovered the gyroid, an ETPMS that contains neither ...
  • Teutsch, Jason Richmond ([Bloomington, Ind.] : Indiana University, 2010-06-01)
    It is a basic fact that, given a computer language and a computable integer function, there exists a shortest program in that language which computes the desired function. Once a programmer establishes the correctness of ...

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