Show simple item record Díaz-Campos, Manuel Morgan, Terrell A. 2020-10-19T15:49:12Z 2020-10-19T15:49:12Z 2002
dc.identifier.citation Díaz-Campos, Manuel and Terrell A. Morgan. 2002. On the production and perception of Spanish palatal obstruents: An acoustic phonetic study with implications for phonology, dialectology, and pedagogy. In structure, meaning, and acquisition in Spanish: Papers from the 4th Hispanic Linguistic Symposium, eds. James F. Lee, Kimberly L. Geeslin, and J. Clancy Clements, 244-268. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla. en
dc.description.abstract The present paper is just one part of a larger study, still in progress, which brings to the table an array of phonetic details that add to our understanding of the behavior of <y> on four fronts: (1) a comparison of the production and reception of various palatal variants by native Spanish speakers and English­ speaking students of the language: (2) the behavior of the palatal obstruent phoneme in other Spanish dialects, especially those in which the consonant is known to weaken or delete intervocalically (Lipski 1094); (3) resyllabification of the wordy 'and' with a following vowel; and (4) resyllabification contexts in which word-final <y> is followed by a vowel. en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher Cascadilla Proceedings Project en
dc.title On the Production and Perception of Spanish Palatal Obstruents: An Acoustic Phonetic Study with Implications for Phonology, Dialectology, and Pedagogy en
dc.type Presentation en

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