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My research interests lie in the brain basis of social cognition – in particular related to non-verbal communication. In my Social Neuroscience lab we study how information that is perceived consciously or unconsciously leads us to make decisions about the intentions, goals and mental states of others. My research involves the integrated use of functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), infrared eye tracking, high-density electroencephalography (EEG) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to understand brain function in human subjects. By investigating structural and functional connectivity patterns in the brain as subjects engage in evaluating the social behaviors of others, we can begin to develop insights into how the human brain processes incoming the dynamic and fleeting social information in our environment.

Science is important, but must be based on a solid scaffold of reliable scientific method. To that end, I have co-written a textbook on MEG-EEG methods [Riitta Hari & Aina Puce (2017) MEG-EEG Primer, New York, Oxford University Press] and am active in an international effort devoted to encouraging and developing best practices in neuroimaging, open science and data sharing.

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