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dc.description Table of Contents Acknowledgements A Note on Transliteration iii Abbreviations and Signs: A Note on Data Presentation iv Abbreviations Used to Refer to Nations/States v Sequence of Citing Reference Works vi INTRODUCTION BASIC TERMINOLOGY Some Characteristics of Cognitive Systems FROM MOTIF INDEXING TO MOTIFIC SYSTEMIZING: HOW THE VARIOUS MOTIFS RELATE TO ONE ANOTHER 5 APPLICATIONS: EXAMPL 6 EXAMPLE 1: Democracy, Elections, and Symbolism 6 EXAMPLE 2: Manifest and Latent Riddling: Multiplexity of Cognitive Connotations 7 EXAMPLE 3: The Varying Connotations of "Breathing" 8 EXAMPLE 4: Miraculous Births 8 EXAMPLE 5: Letters and the Power to Create 9 EXAMPLE 6: Patriarchy, Patrilocality and Incestuous Eroticism 10 EXAMPLE 7: Social Processes: Political and Familial 11 MOTIFIC CONSTITUENTS OF ARAB-ISLAMIC FOLK TRADITIONS 13-2004 A. MYTHOLOGICAL AND RELATED BELIEF MOTIFS 13 B. ANIMALS 153 C. TABU 209 D. MAGIC [AND SIMILAR SUPERNATURAL OCCURRENCES] 243 E. THE DEAD 334 F. MARVELS 366 G. OGRES [AND SATAN] 493 H. TESTS 518 J. THE WISE AND THE FOOLISH 295 K. DECEPTIONS 771 L. REVERSAL OF FORTUNE 913 M. ORDAINING THE FUTURE 933 N. CHANCE AND FATE 978 P. SOCIETY 1063 Q. REWARDS AND PUNISHMENTS 1365 R. CAPTIVES AND FUGITIVES 1427 S. UNNATURAL CRUELTY 1454 T. SEX: [ITS CONSEQUENCES AND ACCOMPANIMENTS] 1496 U. THE NATURE OF LIFE 1680 V. RELIGION [AND RELIGIOUS SERVICES] 1757 W. TRAITS OF CHARACTER 1867 X. HUMOR 1968 Z. MISCELLANEOUS GROUPS OF MOTIFS [AND SYMBOLISM] 2004 APPENDIX I: TITLES OF TEXTS OF "EGYPTIAN FOLK BALLADRY" 2141 APPENDIX II: TITLES OF TEXTS OF "ARAB MYTHOLOGY" 2147 SOURCES 2145 en
dc.description.abstract Motific Constituents of Arab-Islamic Folk Traditions is a comprehensive study of the systemic attributes of a traditional culture and its characteristic patterns of thought and behavior/actions throughout various civilizational phases. Volume 1: MCA-Vol-1-A-K-ElShamy.pdf; Volume 2: MCA-Vol-2-L-Z&Bbl_ElShamy.pdf en
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dc.subject cognitive studies en
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dc.subject Arab-Islamic en
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dc.title Motific Constituents of Arab-Islamic Folk Traditions: A Cognitive Systemic Approach (2 vols.) en
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