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dc.identifier.citation O'Connor, K. M. (1999).On the role of segmental contrasts in the acquisition of clusters.In Baertsch, K., & Dinnsen, D. A. (Eds.), Indiana University Working Papers in Linguistics Volume 1: Optimal Green Ideas in Phonology (pp. 109-126). Bloomington, IN: IULC Publications. en
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dc.description.abstract The acquisition of an underlying contrast between /l/ and /r/ has been claimed to be a necessary prerequisite to the acquisition of clusters (Archibald 1998). To evaluate this claim, an archival database including more than a hundred children with phonological delays, ages 3;0 to 8;6, was consulted. A number of apparent counterexamples were identified. All problematic cases reliably produced consonant + /l/ clusters but lacked an underlying contrast between /l/ and /r/. In an effort to reconcile these (apparent) counterexamples with the many compliant cases, these data were further reanalyzed within optimality theory (McCarthy and Prince 1995). The analyses revealed that the apparent clusters were more properly understood as complex segments similar to affricates. Thus, while such cases do not contradict Archibald's proposal, they do provide a richer account of the development of clusters. The paper concludes with a discussion of the implications of OT accounts for the learnability of structure and for clinical treatment. en
dc.description.sponsorship National Institutes of Health DC00433, RR7031K, DC00076, DC001694 (PI: Gierut) en
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dc.publisher IULC Publications en
dc.rights © 1999 Kathleen M. O'Connor en
dc.subject phonology en
dc.subject child phonology en
dc.subject clinical phonology en
dc.subject phonological disorders in children en
dc.subject phonological treatment en
dc.subject Learnability Project en
dc.subject language acquisition en
dc.title On the role of segmental contrasts in the acquisition of clusters en
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