Show simple item record Hackney, J.F. Zolali-Meybodi, O. Cherbas, P. 2014-12-09T19:37:00Z 2014-12-09T19:37:00Z 2012
dc.identifier.citation Hackney, J. F., Zolali-Meybodi, O., & Cherbas, P. (2012). Tissue damage disrupts developmental progression and ecdysteroid biosynthesis in drosophila. PLoS ONE, 7(11). en
dc.description.abstract In humans, chronic inflammation, severe injury, infection and disease can result in changes in steroid hormone titers and delayed onset of puberty; however the pathway by which this occurs remains largely unknown. Similarly, in insects injury to specific tissues can result in a global developmental delay (e.g. prolonged larval/pupal stages) often associated with decreased levels of ecdysone – a steroid hormone that regulates developmental transitions in insects. We use $\textit{Drosophila melanogaster}$ as a model to examine the pathway by which tissue injury disrupts developmental progression. Imaginal disc damage inflicted early in larval development triggers developmental delays while the effects are minimized in older larvae. We find that the switch in injury response (e.g. delay/no delay) is coincident with the mid-3rd instar transition – a developmental time-point that is characterized by widespread changes in gene expression and marks the initial steps of metamorphosis. Finally, we show that developmental delays induced by tissue damage are associated with decreased expression of genes involved in ecdysteroid synthesis and signaling. en
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher PLOS ONE en
dc.relation.isversionof en
dc.rights © 2012 Hackney et al en
dc.subject ecdysteroid en
dc.subject animal tissue en
dc.subject catabolism en
dc.subject controlled study en
dc.subject developmental disorder en
dc.subject Drosophila melanogaster en
dc.subject gene expression en
dc.subject genetic association en
dc.subject insect development en
dc.subject larval development en
dc.subject metamorphosis en
dc.subject nonhuman en
dc.subject real time polymerase chain reaction en
dc.subject signal transduction en
dc.subject steroidogenesis en
dc.subject tissue injury en
dc.subject Animals en
dc.subject DNA Primers en
dc.subject Ecdysteroids en
dc.subject Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental en
dc.subject Imaginal Discs en
dc.subject Larva en
dc.subject Metamorphosis, Biological en
dc.subject Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction en
dc.subject signal transduction en
dc.subject Hexapoda en
dc.title Tissue Damage Disrupts Developmental Progression and Ecdysteroid Biosynthesis in Drosophila en
dc.type Article en
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