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Bhatia, S. en Bhatnagar, V. en Bhatti, A. en Binkley, M. en Bisello, D. en Bizjak, I. en Bland, K.R. en Blazey, G. en Blessing, S. en Bloom, K. en Blumenfeld, B. en Bocci, A. en Bodek, A. en Boehnlein, A. en Boline, D. en Boos, E.E. en Borissov, G. en Bortoletto, D. en Bose, T. en Boudreau, J. en Boveia, A. en Brandt, A. en Brandt, O. en Brigliadori, L. en Brock, R. en Bromberg, C. en Bross, A. en Brown, D. en Brown, J. en Brucken, E. en Budagov, J. en Bu, X.B. en Budd, H.S. en Buehler, M. en Buescher, V. en Bunichev, V. en Burdin, S. en Burkett, K. en Busetto, G. en Bussey, P. en Buszello, C.P. en Buzatu, A. en Calamba, A. en Calancha, C. en Camacho-Perez, E. en Camarda, S. en Campanelli, M. en Campbell, M. en Canelli, F. en Carls, B. en Carlsmith, D. en Carosi, R. en Carrillo, S. en Carron, S. en Casal, B. en Casarsa, M. en Casey, B.C.K. en Castilla-Valdez, H. en Castro, A. en Catastini, P. en Caughron, S. en Cauz, D. en Cavaliere, V. en Cavalli-Sforza, M. en Cerri, A. en Cerrito, L. 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J.C. en Zanetti, A. en Zeng, Y. en Zennamo, J. en Zhao, T. en Zhao, T.G. en Zhou, B. en Zhou, C. en Zhu, J. en Zielinski, M. en Zieminska, D. en Zivkovic, L. en Zucchelli, S. en 2014-08-06T17:11:21Z en 2014-08-06T17:11:21Z en 2012 en
dc.identifier.citation Aaltonen, T., Abazov, V. M., Abbott, B., Acharya, B. S., Adams, M., Adams, T., . . . Zucchelli, S. (2012). Evidence for a particle produced in association with weak bosons and decaying to a bottom-antibottom quark pair in higgs boson searches at the tevatron. Physical Review Letters, 109(7), 071804. en
dc.description.abstract We combine searches by the CDF and D0 Collaborations for the associated production of a Higgs boson with a $W$ or $Z$ boson and subsequent decay of the Higgs boson to a bottom-antibottom quark pair. The data, originating from Fermilab Tevatron $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt s = 1.96 \text{TeV}$, correspond to integrated luminosities of up to $9.7$ $\text{fb}^{-1}$. The searches are conducted for a Higgs boson with mass in the range $100-150$ $\text{GeV}/c^2$. We observe an excess of events in the data compared with the background predictions, which is most significant in the mass range between 120 and $135$ $\text{GeV}/c^2$. The largest local significance is 3.3 standard deviations, corresponding to a global significance of 3.1 standard deviations. We interpret this as evidence for the presence of a new particle consistent with the standard model Higgs boson, which is produced in association with a weak vector boson and decays to a bottom-antibottom quark pair. en
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher American Physical Society en
dc.relation.isversionof en
dc.rights © 2012 American Physical Society. en
dc.subject Background prediction en
dc.subject Fermilab Tevatron en
dc.subject Higgs boson en
dc.subject Integrated luminosity en
dc.subject Standard deviation en
dc.subject Tevatron en
dc.subject The standard model en
dc.subject Vector boson en
dc.subject Z Bosons en
dc.subject High energy physics en
dc.subject Statistics en
dc.subject Tellurium compounds en
dc.title Evidence for a particle produced in association with weak bosons and decaying to a bottom-antibottom quark pair in Higgs boson searches at the Tevatron en
dc.type Article en

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