Show simple item record Ito, T.M. en Clayton, S.M. en Ramsey, J. en Karcz, M. en Liu, C.-Y. en Long, J.C. en Reddy, T.G. en Seidel, G.M. en 2014-08-06T17:11:19Z en 2014-08-06T17:11:19Z en 2012 en
dc.identifier.citation Ito, T. M., Clayton, S. M., Ramsey, J., Karcz, M., Liu, C. -., Long, J. C., . . . Seidel, G. M. (2012). Effect of an electric field on superfluid helium scintillation produced by $\alpha$-particle sources. Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, 85(4), 042718. en
dc.description.abstract We report a study of the intensity and time dependence of scintillation produced by weak $\alpha$ -particle sources in super fluid helium in the presence of an electric field (0-45 kV/cm) in the temperature range of 0.2 to 1.1 K at the saturated vapor pressure. Both the prompt and the delayed components of the scintillation exhibit a reduction in intensity with the application of an electric field. The reduction in the intensity of the prompt component is well approximated by a linear dependence on the electric-field strength with a reduction of 15% at 45 kV/cm. When analyzed using the Kramers theory of columnar recombination, thiselectricfielddependence leads to the conclusion that roughly 40% of thescintillationresults from species formed from atoms originally promoted to excited states and 60% from excimers created by ionization and subsequent recombination with the charges initially having a cylindrical Gaussian distribution about the $\alpha$ track of 60 nm radius. The intensity of the delayed component of the scintillation has a stronger dependence on the electric field strength and on temperature. The implications of these data on the mechanisms affecting scintillation in liquid helium are discussed. en
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher American Physical Society en
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dc.rights © 2012 American Physical Society. en
dc.subject Electricfielddependence en
dc.subject Electricfieldstrength en
dc.subject Excimers en
dc.subject Kramers theory en
dc.subject Linear dependence en
dc.subject Liquidhelium en
dc.subject Saturated vapor pressure en
dc.subject Temperature range en
dc.subject Time dependence en
dc.subject Electric fields en
dc.subject Elementary particle sources en
dc.subject Helium en
dc.subject Liquefied gases en
dc.subject Superfluid helium en
dc.subject Scintillation en
dc.title Effect of an electric field on superfluid helium scintillation produced by $\alpha$-particle sources en
dc.type Article en

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