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  • Grant, Edward (1990-12-08)
    In contrast to a paper I did a few years ago on "Science and Theology in the Middle Ages," which focused solely on the Latin Middle Ages and almost exclusively on the period from 1200 to 1500, I shall expand my vistas ...
  • Grant, Edward (1999-07-28)
    During the Middle Ages, the relations between science and religion are much more appropriately represented by the relations between natural philosophy and theology. Although there were recognizable sciences in the Middle ...
  • Grant, Edward (1997-03-14)
    Questions or issues discussed in the paper include: WHAT IS COSMOLOGY? Descriptions of the structure and operation of the cosmos as it is understood by scholars in any society or civilization. THE ORIGINS OF COSMOLOGY ...
  • Grant, Edward (1993-04-30)
    By the twelfth century, western Europe had developed a hunger for new secular learning. Up to that time, what scholars knew about the physical world was derived from traditional Latin handbooks that contained the remnants ...
  • Grant, Edward (1991-06-10)
    Because the Jesuit order was formed in 1540 and survived as a vibrant and powerful force until 1773, when it was dissolved in Europe, Jesuit natural philosophers found themselves living in a period of enormous scientific ...

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