Consortium for Top Down Proteomics (CTDP)


The Consortium for Top Down Proteomics was established in 2012 with the following mission:

To promote innovative research, collaboration and education accelerating the comprehensive analysis of intact proteins.

The consortium exists to bring together disparate researchers in top down proteomics and to educate the world on the study of proteins in the intact state.

Collections in this community

Recent Submissions

  • Anderson, Lissa C; DeHart, Caroline J; Kaiser, Nathan K; Fellers, Ryan T; Smith, Donald F; Greer, Joseph B; LeDuc, Richard D; Blackney, Gregory T; Thomas, Paul M; Kelleher, Neil L; ... (American Chemical Society, 2016)
    The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) recently installed a 21T FT-ICR mass spectrometer, which is part of the NHMFL FT-ICR User Facility and available to all qualified users. Here, we demonstrate top-down ...
  • Fornelli, Luca; Durbin, Kenneth R; Fellers, Ryan T; Early, Bryan P; Greer, Joseph B; LeDuc, Richard D; Compton, Phillip D; Kelleher, Neil L (Forthcoming, 2016-08)
    Over the past decade, developments in high resolution mass spectrometry have enabled the high throughput analysis of intact proteins from complex proteomes, leading to the identification of thousands of proteoforms. ...
  • Shams, Daniel P; Early, Bryan P; Fellers, Ryan T; Greer, Joseph B; Thomas, Paul M; Fornelli, Luca; LeDuc, Richard D; Schwab, David J; Kelleher, Neil L (Forthcoming, )
    Within the last five years, top down proteomics (TDP) has emerged as a high throughput technique for protein identification in addition to characterization and quantitation of thousands of modified proteoforms. Here, a ...
  • DeHart, Caroline J; Fellers, Ryan T; Fornelli, Luca; Kelleher, Neil L; Thomas, Paul M (Methods in Molecular Biology, Springer, )
    Traditional bottom-up mass spectrometry-based proteomics relies on the use of an enzyme, often trypsin, to generate small peptides (typically < 25 amino acids long). In top-down proteomics, proteins remain intact and are ...
  • Wu, Le-Shin; Ganote, Carrie (2014-07-23)
    Introduction to the computing challenges in working with genomics-scale data and the possible solutions.

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