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dc.identifier.citation Engs, Ruth C. (1987-88) STUDENT ALCOHOL QUESTIONNAIRE AND THE CODE. Indiana University, Bloomington , IN. retrieved from IUScholarWorks at en
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dc.description The first questionnaire, SAQ_ CODE87.pdf, was used for comparison of a sample of Ontario, Canada and American Midwestern students from states around the great Lakes. The Ontario questionnaire is found at the IUScholarWorks repository: It was used to examine drinking patterns and problems of university students during 1987-8 and over three time periods. The classic SAQ is found at :; 3) It was was used to determine the codependency status of students in relationship to drinking patterns. The second questionnaire, SAQ_ HCQ_CODE87Quest Dev.pdf, was used for reliability and internal consistency of the CODE and also the Health Concern Questionnaire. The CODE questionnaire was used to determine alcoholism in a family. The experimental and final versions of the CODE are found at are found at: Both versions of the HCQ are found at: Data Base and CALCULATIONS for all questionnaires are found at: Research papers using this questionnaire can be found at:; and ALL QUESTIONNAIRES developed by Engs are found on the repository at: en
dc.description.abstract This 1987 questionnaire (SAQ_ CODE87.pdf) contains scales for several studies.It contains drinking behaviors, problems related to drinking, knowledge of alcohol, and CODE scales It was used to: 1); compare Ontario Canadian and Midwestern American students drinking patterns and behaviors in addition to other drug use. 2) to assess the behavior and knowledge of a national sample of American students as part of an ongoing study using the classic SAQ items. The SAQ_ HCQ_CODE87Quest Dev.pdf has attached to it the HCQ and CODE instrument. This research questionnaire contains the Health Concerns and codependency scales. It was used 1) to determine updated reliability of the Health Concern Questionnaire (HCQ); 2) and the CODE. en
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dc.rights This work is licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. For permission to reuse this work for commercial purposes, please contact Dr. Ruth Engs or the IU Archives. en
dc.subject Student alcohol questionnaire, codependency questionnaire, health concern questionnaire, college student, binge drinking, drug use en
dc.type Questionnaire en
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