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  • Burger, Ann M.; Rexroad, Carl B.; Schneider, Allan F.; Shaver, Robert H. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1966-05)
    Indiana lies wholly within the Central Lowland Province and thus calls to mind widespread, thin, nearly flat-lying Paleozoic rocks, major unconformities, and extensive plains. These features express epeirogenic submergences ...
  • Wier, Charles E.; Esarey, Ralph E. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1951-05)
    During the period of oil and gas development in the 1950s, many petroleum geologists became interested in Pennsylvanian stratigraphy in Indiana. They hoped that the attitude of some of the key beds in the Pennsylvanian ...
  • Gray, Henry H.; Dawson, Thomas A.; McGregor, Duncan, Jr.; Perry, Thomas G.; Wayne, William J (Indiana Geological Survey, 1957-10)
    The purpose of this field conference is to acquaint participants with strata that are associated with the Mississippian-Pennsylvanian boundary in southwestern Indiana. Criteria which aid in distinguishing between Mansfield ...
  • Esarey, Ralph E.; Bieberman, Doris F.; Bieberman, Robert A. (Indiana Division of Geology, 1950-05)
    The Mississippian-Pennsylvanian unconformity is the most pronounced and extensive break in the Paleozoic rocks of the Eastern Interior Basin. During the long erosional interval Mississippian beds were truncated and a ...

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