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  • Rarick, R. Dee (Indiana Geological Survey, 1981)
    Salt is vital to nearly all living things and has been almost since the beginning of time. Men and other animals need common salt to help maintain a critical chemical balance in their bodies. The blood and other fluids ...
  • Judah, Robert E. (Illustrator); Harrison, Wyman (Indiana Geological Survey, 1963)
    The "pages" of rock strata that together form the geologic history book of Marion County are written in a foreign language of fossils, rock fragments, and mineral grains. We are able to translate the messages from these ...
  • Shaver, Robert H. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1959-06)
    Many laymen write to the Indiana Geological Survey and ask: “Please send me books and maps on fossils and where they can be found.” Some write on tablet paper in the labored fifth-grade hand of a school child; others write ...
  • Perry, Thomas G. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1959)
    Fossils are abundant in Indiana’s rocks, and Hoosiers commonly seek information about these relics of ancient life from the Indiana Geological Survey. The primary purpose of this circular is to provide information on the ...
  • Wayne, William J. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1958)
    Rocks are made up of a mixture of minerals. Therefore you need to know what minerals and how much of each mineral are in a rock before you can give that rock a name. This has been an obstacle for the student of nature ...

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