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  • Nicole Gerlach (2013-03-29)
    Protocol for testosterone EIA, based on the protocol with the kit from Assay Designs. Similar to the full protocol, but modified so that radiolabeled testosterone is only added to the standards, not the samples.
  • Christine Bergeon Burns, Kimberly Rosvall (2013-03-29)
    Protocol for extraction of RNA from avian tissue using Trisol and includes instructions for gel electrophoresis.
  • Ketterson/Nolan research group, Sara Schrock (2013-03-29)
    Recipe for making Longmire's solution, a cell lysis buffer for storing blood samples for DNA analysis. Also includes recipes for stock solutions used in making Longmire's solution.
  • From Peter Dunn's lab; unsure if updated by Kettlab members (2013-03-29)
    Protocol for extracting DNA from whole blood stored in lysis buffer. Uses the salt solution extraction buffer.
  • Ketterson/Nolan research group (2013-03-29)
    Protocol for collecting blood samples for later DNA extraction
  • Lynn Siefferman (2013-03-29)
    Protocol for using the spectrometer to analyze color spectrum from feather samples.
  • George Gee, Elaina Tuttle, Tracey Kast (2013-03-29)
    Protocol for collecting sperm from songbirds, as well as for counting sperm samples. Also includes data sheet.
  • Devin Zysling (2013-03-29)
    Protocol for measuring immune response to injection of sheep red blood cells (SRBC)
  • Joe Casto, Jodie Jawor (2013-03-29)
    This protocol can be used to measure the concentration of corticosterone in small plasma samples. This protocol has been copied and modified from protocols provided by Dr. John Wingfield at the University of Washington. ...
  • Nicole Gerlach, Kimberly Rosvall (2013-03-29)
    Protocols for administering subcutaneous silastic hormone implants. Includes descriptions of the surgical method, including protocols for using inhaled anesthetics, and the non-surgical trochar implantation method.
  • Jodie Jawor, Danielle Whittaker, Nicole Gerlach, Sarah Wanamaker (2013-03-29)
    Standard Operating Procedure for storing and using regulated substances (steroid hormones).
  • Danielle Whittaker (2013-03-29)
    Protocol for testosterone EIA, based on the protocol with the kit from Assay Designs
  • Joe Casto, Nicole Gerlach, Ketterson/Nolan research group (2013-03-29)
    A spreadsheet for calculating testosterone concentrations based on enzyme immunoassay results. Has spaces for the radiation counts per minute to be entered to calculate recovery rates, the concentration from the plate ...
  • Nicole Gerlach (2013-03-29)
    Recipe for mixing a solution of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), and protocol for giving ACTH injections as part of an ACTH challenge
  • Christine Bergeon Burns, Kimberly Rosvall (2013-03-29)
    Protocol for quantitative PCR to analyse RNA concentration from cDNA.
  • Dustin Reichard, Nicole Gerlach (2013-03-29)
    Directions for making subcutaneous hormone implants (crystalline testosterone in Silastic tubing).
  • Kimberly Rosvall, Dustin Reichard (2013-03-29)
    Protocol for corticosterone EIA, based on the CORT kit from Caymen
  • Unsure original creator, possibly updated by Kristal Cain? (2013-03-29)
    Protocol for cleaning radio-labeled steroid hormone
  • Danielle Whittaker, Nicole Gerlach (2013-03-29)
    Protocol for PCR of extracted avian DNA. Includes directions for PCR to amplify microsatellite loci (used for paternity analysis) and for PCR to amplify sex-specific loci (used for determining sample sex). Includes ...
  • Danielle Whittaker (2013-03-29)
    Protocol for PCR of extracted avian DNA using primers that can determine the sex of the samples. Uses agarose gels to determine the amplified alleles.

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