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  • Allen, Colin (Springer, 2011-12-11)
    Questions about fish consciousness and cognition are receiving increasing attention. In this paper, I explain why one must be careful to avoid drawing conclusions too hastily about this hugely diverse set of species.
  • Buckner, Cameron; Shriver, Adam; Crowley, Stephen; Allen, Colin (Cambridge University Press, 2009-04-23)
    Carruthers argues that an integrated faculty of metarepresentation evolved for mindreading and was later exapted for metacognition. A more consistent application of his approach would regard metarepresentation in mindreading ...
  • Goldstone, Robert L.; Leydesdorff, Loet (Wiley-Blackwell, 2006)
    From its inception, a large part of the motivation for Cognitive Science has been the need for an interdisciplinary journal for the study of minds and intelligent systems. In the inaugural editorial for the journal, Allan ...
  • Alstott, Jeff (2007-04-10)
    Since the 1930s, researchers have framed rat locomotion in a lit open field in terms of fear and anxiety. Modern studies have continued this interpretation, describing open field behavior in terms of security optimization. ...
  • Manser, Marta B.; Allen, Colin; Townsend, Simon W. (Royal Society Publishing, 2011-10-12)
    Individual recognition is thought to be a crucial ability facilitating the evolution of animal societies. Given its central importance, much research has addressed the extent of this capacity across the animal kingdom. ...
  • Allen, Colin; Wallach, Wendell (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2011)
    Purpose – In spite of highly publicized competitions where computers have prevailed over humans, the intelligence of computer systems still remains quite limited in comparison to that of humans. Present day computers provide ...
  • Allen, Colin; Niepert, Mathias; Buckner, Cameron (CEUR Workshop, 2009)
    The Indiana Philosophy Ontology (InPhO)project is presented as one of the first social-semantic web endeavors which aims to bootstrap feedback from users unskilled in ontology design into a precise representation of a ...

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