Show simple item record Viding, Essi en McCrory, Eamon J. P. en De Brito, Stephane A. en Blakemore, Sarah-Jayne en Bird, Geoffrey en Fontaine, Nathalie M. G. en Sebastian, Catherine L. en 2012-04-18T16:48:07Z en 2012-04-18T16:48:07Z en 2011-04-04 en
dc.identifier.citation Sebastian, C.L., Fontaine, N.M.G., Bird, G., Blakemore, S.J., De Brito, S.A., McCrory, E.J.P., Viding, E. (April 4, 2011). Neural processing associated with cognitive and affective Theory of Mind in adolescents and adults. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (SCAN) en
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dc.description.abstract Theory of Mind (ToM) is the ability to attribute thoughts, intentions and beliefs to others. This involves component processes, including cognitive perspective taking (cognitive ToM) and understanding emotions (affective ToM). This study assessed the distinction and overlap of neural processes involved in these respective components, and also investigated their development between adolescence and adulthood. While data suggest that ToM develops between adolescence and adulthood, these populations have not been compared on cognitive and affective ToM domains. Using fMRI with 15 adolescent (aged 11–16 years) and 15 adult (aged 24–40 years) males, we assessed neural responses during cartoon vignettes requiring cognitive ToM, affective ToM or physical causality comprehension (control). An additional aim was to explore relationships between fMRI data and self-reported empathy. Both cognitive and affective ToM conditions were associated with neural responses in the classic ToM network across both groups, although only affective ToM recruited medial/ventromedial PFC (mPFC/vmPFC). Adolescents add- itionally activated vmPFC more than did adults during affective ToM. The specificity of the mPFC/vmPFC response during affective ToM supports evidence from lesion studies suggesting that vmPFC may integrate affective information during ToM. Furthermore, the differential neural response in vmPFC between adult and adolescent groups indicates developmental changes in affective ToM processing. en
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher Oxford University Press en
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dc.rights Copyright The Author (2011). en
dc.subject fMRI en
dc.subject development en
dc.subject adolescence en
dc.subject empathy en
dc.subject Theory of Mind en
dc.title Neural processing associated with cognitive and affective Theory of Mind in adolescents and adults en
dc.type Article en

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