Show simple item record Mukhopadhyay, Suchetana Cheng, Fan 2012-02-20T01:48:43Z 2012-02-20T01:48:43Z 2011-02-19
dc.identifier.citation Cheng F, Mukhopadhyay S. Generating enveloped virus-like particles with in vitro assembled cores. Virology. 2011 May 10;413(2):153-60 en
dc.description.abstract Alphaviruses are comprised of a nucleocapsid core surrounded by a lipid membrane containing glycoprotein spikes. Previous work demonstrated that in vitro assembled core-like particles are similar in structure to the nucleocapsid core in the native virus. Here we demonstrate that in vitro assembled core-like particles can be inserted into viral glycoprotein-expressing cells to generate enveloped virus-like particles. These virus-like particles bud from cells like native virus, are similar in size to the native virus, and can enter cells to release the contents of the core-like particle into the cytoplasm of the cell. Virus-like particles can be used to infect cells with biological and non-biological cargoes. The generation of enveloped virus-like particles containing an in vitro core and in vivo synthesized glycoproteins has applications for gene and drug delivery, medical imaging, and also basic mechanistic studies of virus assembly. en
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher Elsevier en
dc.relation.isversionof en
dc.rights Copyright 2011 Elsevier en
dc.subject Nanoparticle en
dc.subject Enveloped virus en
dc.subject Virus assembly en
dc.title Generating enveloped virus-like particles with in vitro assembled cores en
dc.type Article en

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