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  • Shenoy, Gourav Ganesh; Wagle, Mangirish Ajit; Connelly, Kay (2016)
    Visually impaired people face numerous challenges when it comes to transportation. Not only must they circumvent obstacles while navigating, but they also need access to essential information related to available public ...
  • Shenoy, Gourav Ganesh; Dsouza, Erika Helda; Kübler, Sandra (2016)
    As humans, we can often detect from a persons utterances if he or she is in favor of or against a given target entity (topic, product, another person, etc). But from the perspective of a computer, we need means to automatically ...
  • Blevis, Eli (Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing, 2011)
    Some disciplines focus on analytic research and some disciplines focus on synthesis. Design disciplines are interesting because designers need to do both analysis and synthesis tasks. The HCI & design program I presently ...
  • Beckwith, Lee (Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing, 2012)
    Qualitative research methodologies were used in order to better understand how well currently available mobile phone interfaces are designed to match the way Japanese is thought of by native speakers. A conceptual design ...

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