Show simple item record Steinfeldt, Matthew C. LaFollette, Julie R. Vaughn, Ellen L. Steinfeldt, Jesse A. 2011-12-24T01:44:04Z 2011-12-24T01:44:04Z 2011-12-24T01:44:04Z
dc.identifier.citation Steinfeldt, J. A., Vaughan, E., LaFollette, J. R., & Steinfeldt, M. C. (in press) Bullying among adolescent football players: Role of masculinity and moral atmosphere. Psychology of Men & Masculinity. en
dc.description.abstract Identifying practices of masculinity socialization that contribute to the establishment of gender privilege can help address violence and bullying in schools (Connell, 1996). Because the sport of football is considered an important contributor to masculinity construction, establishing peer networks, and creating hierarchies of student status, this study examined the influence of social norms (i.e., moral atmosphere, meanings of adolescent masculinity) on bullying beliefs and behaviors of 206 high school football players. Results demonstrated that moral atmosphere (Peer Influence, Influential Male Figure) and adherence to male role norms significantly predicted bullying, but the strongest predictor was the perception of whether the most influential male in a player’s life would approve of the bullying behavior. In addition to prevention interventions highlighting the role of influential men and masculinity norms in this process, implications for practice suggest that football players can use their peer influence and status as center sport participants to create a school culture that does not tolerate bullying. en
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher American Psychological Association en
dc.rights Copyright American Psychological Asociation en
dc.subject meanings of adolescent masculinity, gender role norms, high school student-athletes, moral functioning, aggression, American football en
dc.title Bullying Among Adolescent Football Players: Role of Masculinity and Moral Atmosphere en

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