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  • Katz, N.H.; Bateman, M. (American Mathematical Society, 2012)
    We provide an improvement over Meshulam's bound on cap sets in $F^{N}_{3}$. We show that there exist universal $\epsilon > 0$ and $ C > 0$ so that any cap set in $F^{N}_{3}$ has size at most $C\frac{3^{N}}{N^{1+e}}$. We ...
  • Cho, Y.J.; Rhoades, B.E.; Saadat, R.; Samet, B.; Shatanawi, W. (Springer, 2012)
    In this article, we study coupled coincidence and coupled common fixed point theorems in ordered generalized metric spaces for nonlinear contraction condition related to a pair of altering distance functions. Our results ...
  • Lindenstrauss, A.; McCarthy, R. (Cambridge University Press, 2012)
    In this paper we extend the computation of the the typical curves of algebraic K-theory done by Lars Hesselholt and Ib Madsen to general tensor algebras. The models used allow us to determine the stages of the Taylor tower ...
  • Truong, Linh (Indiana University Department of Mathematics, 2010)
  • Lindenstrauss, A.; McCarthy, R. (Mathematical Sciences Publishers, 2012)
    For $R$ a discrete ring, $M$ a simplicial $R$–bimodule, and $X$ a simplicial set, we construct the Goodwillie Taylor tower of the reduced $K$–theory of parametrized endomorphisms $\widetilde{K}\bigg(R; \widetilde{M}\big[ ...
  • Cheng, C.; Feng, Z.; Su, Y. (Texas State University - San Marcos, 2012)
    In this article, we are concerned with the existence of positive solutions for nonlinear fractional differential equation whose nonlinearity contains the first-order derivative, $$\displaylines{ D_{0^+}^{\alpha}u(t)+ ...
  • Powell, M. (Mathematical Sciences Publishers, 2012)
    Let C be the topological knot concordance group of knots $S^{1} \subset S^{3}$ under connected sum modulo slice knots. Cochran, Orr and Teichner defined a filtration: \[C \supset F_{(0)} \supset F_{(0.5)} \supset F_{(1)} ...
  • Asadi, M.; Rhoades, B.E.; Soleimani, H. (Springer, 2012)
    In this article, we shall show that the metrics defined by Feng and Mao, and Du are equivalent. We also provide some examples for one of the metrics.
  • Kammer, Elizabeth (Indiana University Department of Mathematics, 2010)
    In natural logic, the goal is to create a system of logic that is as sim- ilar to natural language as possible. In order to build a natural logic, simple sentence forms are considered, slowly incorporating more ...
  • Geer, N.; Kashaev, R.; Turaev, V. (De Gruyter, 2012)
    We introduce systems of objects and operators in linear monoidal categories called $\hat{\Psi}$-systems. A $\hat{\Psi}$-system satisfying several additional assumptions gives rise to a topological invariant of triples (a ...
  • Ghadyali, Hamza; Dowlin, Nathan (Indiana University Department of Mathematics, 2010)
    Given a CAT(0) group G acting geometrically on a proper CAT(0) space, we attempt to demonstrate that any torsion subgroup of G has nite cardinality.

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