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  • Miles-Leighton, Hayley (Indiana University Department of Mathematics, 2010)
    In this paper we study the links between Smale’s Mean Value Conjecture (SMVC) and the convergence of critical points under iteration. We begin by introducing SMVC and discussing what progress has been made towards ...
  • Proffitt, Garrett (Indiana University Department of Mathematics, 2010)
    Classifying Single-Tile Periodic Tilings of the Real Line and Realizing the Deformation Spaces of Two and Three Square Periodic Tilings of the Plane through Combinatorial Structure.
  • Katz, N.H.; Bateman, M. (American Mathematical Society, 2012)
    We provide an improvement over Meshulam's bound on cap sets in $F^{N}_{3}$. We show that there exist universal $\epsilon > 0$ and $ C > 0$ so that any cap set in $F^{N}_{3}$ has size at most $C\frac{3^{N}}{N^{1+e}}$. We ...
  • Cho, Y.J.; Rhoades, B.E.; Saadat, R.; Samet, B.; Shatanawi, W. (Springer, 2012)
    In this article, we study coupled coincidence and coupled common fixed point theorems in ordered generalized metric spaces for nonlinear contraction condition related to a pair of altering distance functions. Our results ...
  • Lindenstrauss, A.; McCarthy, R. (Cambridge University Press, 2012)
    In this paper we extend the computation of the the typical curves of algebraic K-theory done by Lars Hesselholt and Ib Madsen to general tensor algebras. The models used allow us to determine the stages of the Taylor tower ...
  • Truong, Linh (Indiana University Department of Mathematics, 2010)
  • Lindenstrauss, A.; McCarthy, R. (Mathematical Sciences Publishers, 2012)
    For $R$ a discrete ring, $M$ a simplicial $R$–bimodule, and $X$ a simplicial set, we construct the Goodwillie Taylor tower of the reduced $K$–theory of parametrized endomorphisms $\widetilde{K}\bigg(R; \widetilde{M}\big[ ...
  • Cheng, C.; Feng, Z.; Su, Y. (Texas State University - San Marcos, 2012)
    In this article, we are concerned with the existence of positive solutions for nonlinear fractional differential equation whose nonlinearity contains the first-order derivative, $$\displaylines{ D_{0^+}^{\alpha}u(t)+ ...
  • Powell, M. (Mathematical Sciences Publishers, 2012)
    Let C be the topological knot concordance group of knots $S^{1} \subset S^{3}$ under connected sum modulo slice knots. Cochran, Orr and Teichner defined a filtration: \[C \supset F_{(0)} \supset F_{(0.5)} \supset F_{(1)} ...
  • Asadi, M.; Rhoades, B.E.; Soleimani, H. (Springer, 2012)
    In this article, we shall show that the metrics defined by Feng and Mao, and Du are equivalent. We also provide some examples for one of the metrics.
  • Kammer, Elizabeth (Indiana University Department of Mathematics, 2010)
    In natural logic, the goal is to create a system of logic that is as sim- ilar to natural language as possible. In order to build a natural logic, simple sentence forms are considered, slowly incorporating more ...
  • Geer, N.; Kashaev, R.; Turaev, V. (De Gruyter, 2012)
    We introduce systems of objects and operators in linear monoidal categories called $\hat{\Psi}$-systems. A $\hat{\Psi}$-system satisfying several additional assumptions gives rise to a topological invariant of triples (a ...
  • Ghadyali, Hamza; Dowlin, Nathan (Indiana University Department of Mathematics, 2010)
    Given a CAT(0) group G acting geometrically on a proper CAT(0) space, we attempt to demonstrate that any torsion subgroup of G has nite cardinality.

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