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  • Stewart, Craig A.; Papakhian, Mary; Hart, David; Shankar, Anurag; Arenson, Andrew; McMullen, D.F; Palakal, Mathew; Dalkilic, Mehmet; Ortoleva, Peter (2003)
    Indiana University and IBM, Inc. have a very strong history of collaborative research, aided significantly by Shared University Research (SUR) grants from IBM to Indiana University. The purpose of this document is to review ...
  • Stewart, Craig A.; Arenson, Andrew; Shankar, Anurag (3/2/2004)
  • Stewart, Craig A.; Arenson, Andrew; Shankar, Anurag (1/17/2003)
  • Shankar, Anurag; Barnett, William (9/13/2013)
    Demand for compute cycles and massive data storage has been growing rapidly in biomedical research. Activities on topics such as electronic health record analytics and gene sequencing are placing an increasing burden on ...
  • Arenson, Andrew; Boyles, Michael; Cruise, Robert; Gopu, Arvind; Hart, David; Lindenlaub, Peg; Papakhian, Mary; Samuel, John; Seiffert, Kurt; Shankar, Anurag; Stewart, Craig A.; Wernert, Eric (2011-08)
    The purpose of this document is to introduce researchers to Indiana University’s cyberinfrastructure – to clarify what these facilities make possible, to discuss how to use them and the professional staff available to work ...
  • Cruise, Robert; Hart, David; Papakhian, Mary; Repasky, Richard; Samuel, John; Shankar, Anurag; Stewart, Craig A.; Wernert, Eric (2002)
  • Peebles, Christopher S.; Stewart, Craig A.; Bernbom, Gerry; McMullen, Donald F.; Shankar, Anurag; Samuel, John; Daniels, John; Papakhian, Mary; Hart, David; Walsh, John; Wernert, Eric (2000-07)
  • Stewart, Craig A.; Voss, Brian D.; McRobbie, Michael A.; Shankar, Anurag; Simms, Stephen; McCaulay, D. Scott (6/20/2006)
  • Catlett, Charlie; Allcock, William E.; Andrews, Phil; Aydt, Ruth; Bair, Ray; Balac, Natasha; Banister, Bryan; Barker, Trish; Bartelt, Mark; Beckman, Pete; Berman, Francine; Bertoline, Gary; Blatecky, Alan; Boisseau, Jay; Bottum, Jim; Brunett, Sharon; Bunn, Julian; Butler, Michelle; Carver, David; Cobb, John; Cockerill, Tim; Couvares, Peter F.; Dahan, Maytal; Diehl, Diana; Dunning, Thom; Foster, Ian; Gaither, Kelly; Gannon, Dennis; Goasguen, Sebastien; Grobe, Michael; Hart, Dave; Heinzel, Matt; Hempel, Chris; Huntoon, Wendy; Insley, Joseph; Jordan, Christopher; Judson, Ivan; Kamrath, Anke; Karonis, Nicholas; Kesselman, Carl; Kovatch, Patricia; Lane, Lex; Lathrop, Scott; Levine, Michael; Lifka, David; Liming, Lee; Livny, Miron; Loft, Rich; Marcusiu, Doru; Marsteller, Jim; Martin, Stuart; McCaulay, D. Scott; McGee, John; McGinnis, Laura; McRobbie, Michael; Messina, Paul; Moore, Reagan; Moore, Richard; Navarro, J.P.; Nichols, Jeff; Papka, Michael E.; Pennington, Rob; Pike, Greg; Pool, Jim; Reddy, Raghu; Reed, Dan; Rimovsky, Tony; Roberts, Eric; Roskies, Ralph; Sanielevici, Sergiu; Scott, J. Ray; Shankar, Anurag; Sheddon, Mark; Showerman, Mike; Simmel, Derek; Singer, Abe; Skow, Dane; Smallen, Shava; Smith, Warren; Song, Carol; Stevens, Rick; Stewart, Craig A.; Stock, Robert B.; Stone, Nathan; Towns, John; Urban, Tomislav; Vildibill, Mike; Walker, Edward; Welch, Von; Wilkins-Diehr, Nancy; Williams, Roy; Winkler, Linda; Zhao, Lan; Zimmerman, Ann (IOS Press, 2008)
    TeraGrid is a national-scale computational science facility supported through a partnership among thirteen institutions, with funding from the US Na- tional Science Foundation [1]. Initially created through a Major Research ...
  • Cruise, Robert; Hart, David; Papakhian, Mary; Repasky, Richard; Samuel, John; Shankar, Anurag; Stewart, Craig A.; Wernert, Eric (2003-02)
    This document is designed to be read as a printed document, and designed to permit anyone at all familiar with computers and the Internet to start at the beginning, get a general overview of UITS' advanced IT facilities ...

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