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The Data To Insight Center is a collaboration between the School of Informatics, the Indiana University Libraries, and University Information Technology Services (UITS) at Indiana University.

The center engages in interdisciplinary research and education in the preservation of scientific data, digital humanities, large-scale data management, data analytics, and visualization. The Center's current projects engage researchers in the humanities, geography, sustainability science, atmospheric science, informatics, computer science and digital libraries. Because of the Data to Insight Center's close working relationship with UITS, the Center is well positioned to engage in projects that can be strengthened by IU's substantial investment in cyberinfrastructure compute and storage resources, and can in turn further strengthen these investments. The Center engages in outreach and education in service to the university and its students, the community, the State of Indiana, and the nation.

The Data To Insight Center is led by Beth Plale, a Professor in the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University Bloomington. Professor Plale has a deep and long engagement in interdisciplinary research particularly with the environmental and atmospheric sciences and has substantive experience in developing stable and useable scientific cyberinfrastructure. The IU Libraries representation in the Center is through Associate Director, Robert McDonald Associate Dean for Library Technologies at IU. UITS is represented through Associate Directors Eric Wernert Senior Manager and Scientist for Visualization Technologies and Futures for IU Research Technologies, and Matt Link, Director of Systems for IU Research Technologies. Associate Director Polly Baker brings strong ties to IUPUI and its New Media program.

Recent Submissions

  • Plale, Beth; Prakash, Atul; McDonald, Robert
    Digital texts with access and use protections form a unique and fast growing collection of materials. Growing equally quickly is the development of text and data mining algorithms that process large text-based collections ...
  • Sun, Yiming; Plale, Beth; Zeng, Jiaan
    HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) allows users to access more than 3 million volumes through a service called Data API. Data API plays an important role in HTRC infrastructure. It hides internal complexity from user, ...
  • Plale, Beth (2013-11-13)
    The ubiquity of today's data is not just transforming what is, it is transforming what will be laying the groundwork to drive new innovation. Today, research questions are addressed by complex models, by large data ...
  • Ruan, Guangchen; Plale, Beth (2014-07-02)
    As digital data sources grow in number and size, they pose an opportunity for computational investigation by means of text mining, NLP, and other text analysis techniques. The HathiTrust Re-search Center (HTRC) was recently ...
  • Chen, Peng; Plale, Beth; Evans, Tom (2013-08)
    Researchers who use agent-based models (ABM) to model social patterns often focus on the model's aggregate phenomena. However, aggregation of individuals complicates the understanding of agent interactions and the uniqueness ...

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