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dc.description.abstract Howard Gest was a member of the "Charles Coryell Chemistry Group" of the Manhattan (Atomic Bomb) Project at the University of Chicago and in the "secret city" of oak Ridge (TN). Research of the group was focused on characterization of the numerous radioactive isotopes created during uranium fission, development of a process for chemical isolation of plutonium, and preparation of gigantic amounts of radioactive barium required by Los Alamos physicists. This memoir describes activities in Oak Ridge and documents the history of the ill-fated secret Szilard Petition addressed to President Truman. In essence, the petition requested him to refrain from approving actual use of atomic bombs on inhabited cities if at all possible; alternatives for ending the war with Japan were suggested, e.g., demonstration of the devastating effects of an A-bomb on an uninhabited island. Gest and about 150 other scientists signed the petition, which remained classified as a "secret document" for about 10 years. en
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dc.subject decision to use A-bombs en
dc.subject National Archives en
dc.subject Harrison-Bundy Files en
dc.subject Los Alamos en
dc.subject Oak Ridge en
dc.subject Nagasaki en
dc.subject Hiroshima en
dc.subject atomic bombs en
dc.subject radioactive barium en
dc.subject plutonium en
dc.subject uranium en
dc.subject Henry Stimson en
dc.subject President Truman en
dc.subject Howard Gest en
dc.subject Charles Coryell en
dc.subject Szilard petition en
dc.subject Leo Szilard en
dc.subject Manhattan Project en
dc.title The July 1945 Szilard Petition on the Atomic Bomb Memoir by a Signer in Oak Ridge en
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