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Dr. Engs is a Professor Emerita within the School of Public Health at Indiana University. Some information about her research is on her website at alcohol.iu.edu

NOTE: Paper manuscripts and material for Dr. Engs can be found in the IUArchives. Finding aid for collection is available at: http://webapp1.dlib.indiana.edu/findingaids/view?doc.view=entire_text&docId=InU-Ar-VAC0859

Research topics by Dr. Engs have included the exploration of hypotheses concerning the determinants of behaviors such as student drinking patterns; models that have examine the etiology of cycles of prohibition and temperance movements, origins of western European drinking cultures (attitudes and behaviors concerning alcohol) from antiquity, eugenics, Progressive Era, and other social reform movements with moral overtones-Clean Living Movements; biographies of health and social reformers including Upton Sinclair; diary of WWII Army physician; history of public health and unusual medical treatments; and oral histories of elderly monks.


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