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Works collected here are considered generalized submissions. They may be from capstone, honors, research awards/courses, and masters thesis and research. Undergraduate & Graduate works may be found in this collection. The collections include: individual student submissions, archived student publications, SRD (Student Research Day) presentations and proceedings, major program capstone papers, Master's program capstone papers, and special events submissions.


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    (Indiana University East, 2013) Holt, Ian (Editors-in-Chief); Purvis, Deidra (Editors-in-Chief)
    Mission: Our modus operandi is to do two things: Showcase the talents of writers and artists whose work feeds into a universal body of creative genius while also paying tribute to the greats who have inspired us. We accept submissions on a rolling basis and publish on an annual schedule. Each edition is edited during the fall and winter months, which culminates with an awards ceremony and release party in the spring. Awards are given to the best pieces submitted in all categories. Tributaries is edited by undergraduate students at Indiana University East.
The license recognizes rights under FERPA and copyright for student works.