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    Reproducible package for "Mapping Collaborations and Partnerships in SDG Research"
    (2020) Payumo, Jane; He, Guangming; Manjanatha, Anusha Chintamani; Calvert, Scout; Higgins, Devin
    Collaboration has become an essential paradigm in sustainable development research and in strategies for meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This study uses bibliometric methods and social network analysis to examine research output and collaboration supporting the SDGs and explores means to detect and analyze research collaboration beyond the traditional definition of multiple, one-time co-authorship. We employed two additional lenses of collaboration: repeat collaboration and collaboration time point to quantify and visualize co-authorship data sourced from Microsoft Academic Graph. Our results show an increased collaboration rate over time at the author and institutional levels; however, also indicate that the majority of collaborations in SDG-related research only happened once. We also found out that on average, repeat collaboration happens more frequently, but after a longer duration, at the institutional level than at the author level. For this reason, we further analyzed institutions and identified core institutions that could help influence more consistent collaboration and sustain, or grow, the research network for SDG-related research. Our results have implications for understanding sustainable partnerships in research related to SDGs and other global challenges.
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    Collaborative Archive & Data Research Environment (CADRE)
    (2020) Wittenberg, Jamie; Mabry, Patricia L.; Yan, Xiaoran; Van Rennes, Robert; Pentchev, Valentin; Wilkinson, Jaci
    The Collaborative Archive & Data Research Environment is a science gateway to standardized text- and data-mining services for large datasets—with reproducibility and collaboration in mind. All in a cloud-based platform.
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    Comparing Transaction Logs to ILL - Raw Data
    (2015-01-10) Cohen, Rachael; Michaels, Sherri
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    MARC 21 Authority 368 Subfield 'C' Data
    (2018) Whittaker, Thomas A.
    Data associated with research conducted on term usage in MARC field 368, subfield 'c' in personal name authority records in the Library of Congress/Name Authority Cooperative Name Authority File corresponding to RDA instruction 9.6, 'Other designation associated with person'.
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    Data for "The Nature and Characteristics of Bibliographic Relationships in RDA Cataloging Records in OCLC at the Beginning of RDA Implementation"
    (2017) Park, Taemin Kim; Morrison, Andrea M.
    This data was produced to examine the characteristics and types of bibliographic relationships in Resource Description and Access (RDA) book cataloging records produced in OCLC after RDA implementation. Data was sampled (n = 1,550), coded, and analyzed for work-to-work, expression-to-expression, and manifestation-to-manifestation relationships.
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    Supplemental materials for "A Study of Direct Author Subvention For Publishing Humanities Books at Two Universities"
    (2015-09-04) Cope, Amy; Stone, Trevor; Walters, Carolyn
    Two spreadsheets with supplemental data on: 1) books authored by a selection of IU faculty promoted from assistant to associate and associate to professor from Indiana University Board of Trustee minutes 2009-2014. 2) author affiliations of select IU Press titles 2013-first half of 2016 with separate list of 2014 titles.
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    Pedagogical and Assessment materials for "Data Visualization & Management: the Basics" one-shot workshop
    (2013-11-28) Konkiel, Stacy; Polley, David Edward; Marshall, Brianna
    This dataset contains all pedagogical materials, assessment instruments, sample data sets, and workshop handouts used during the "Data Management & Visualization: the Basics" workshop presented at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA on October 24, 2013. The original workshop instructors encourage others to replicate this study elsewhere, to determine if the "one-shot," contextualized approach to teaching data management and visualization is effective. We ask that anyone replicates the study contacts Konkiel to share their results. We are interested in aggregating results across institutions and reporting on them, in cooperation with other instructors. Previous versions of these files and a poster presented at the DIL Symposium can be found at