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    Scholarly Communication Updates
    (2021-04) Liburd Tavernier, Willa; Quill, Theresa
    An update on open scholarship and open data services at IU Bloomington Libraries
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    Using IUScholarworks for Scholarly Visibility
    (2019-02-08) Tavernier, Willa
    An overview of how Indiana University faculty and researchers can use the IUScholarWorks repository and suite of services to broaden the impact of their research and increase the visibility of their work. The program discusses how to best take advantage of Open Access publishing, IU Libraries' CV Service, how to set up an ORCID ID, using Google Scholar, and leveraging all of these using social networking.
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    Take Charge of Your Scholarly Narrative: Using Metrics and Altmetrics to Demonstrate Impact
    (2019-11-19) Tavernier, Willa
    Demonstrating impact is a key component of academic promotion and tenure. Academic Research Offices, Employers, and Granting Agencies are increasingly turning to online profiles and research metrics as indicators of faculty contribution, productivity, and impact. This workshop puts research metrics and altmetrics in context, including: Strategies to manage your digital profiles and increase visibility of your work; How common research metrics are calculated and used, their benefits and limitations; and Hands-on practice using metrics, altmetrics, and qualitative indicators to demonstrate the value of your work. The workshop exercises (see provide opportunities to evaluate the types of work you feel are the most important and valuable, and how to highlight such work while going through the promotion and tenure process.
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    Symposium: Driving Student Success through Affordable Course Material
    (2018-03-12) McDonald, Robert H.; Kelmer, Michele; Regoli, Michael; Olds, Kris; Nelson, Carrie; Wagstaff, Steel; Goodner, Mark; Hare, Sarah
    This symposium explores the connection between course material costs and student success, progression, and retention, and features three experts on affordable course material from the University of Wisconsin-Madison: Kris Olds,Professor of Geography; Carrie Nelson, Director of Scholarly Communication; Steel Wagstaff, Instructional Technology Consultant.
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    How to Start a Scholarly Journal
    (2015-10-05) Pekala, Shayna; Regoli, Michael
    In this informal session, representatives from the IU Office of Scholarly Publishing will present an overview of planning and launching a scholarly journal. Topics will include developing an editorial scope and mission, building an editorial board, staffing an office, honing a publication schedule and editorial calendar, developing policies and submission guidelines, preparing a proposal to a publisher, choosing an access model, and selecting editorial tools for managing your journal. Time will be devoted for audience Q&A.
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    Beware of Predators: How to Avoid Getting Ripped off by Predatory Journal Publishers
    (2015-03-03) Liu, Jian; Noel, Robert; Pantaloni, Nazareth; Pekala, Shayna; Regoli, Michael
    Beware the predatory publisher! Predatory publishers exploit the "author pays" model of open access to profit from unsuspecting scholars. They engage in a variety of unethical practices to entice contributors, then charge them for non-existent services. In this workshop, participants will learn about common scams to look out for and how to evaluate the legitimacy of an open access publication.