Hans Wolff Memorial Lecture Series - African Studies

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    Liberation Movements in Southern Africa
    (African Studies Program, Indiana University, 1978) Shamyurira, Nathan
    Discusses liberation movements in South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe and Mozambique in connection with theories of nationalism and discourses about class.
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    South Africa: Human Rights and Genocide (Part I) Biography as Interpretation (Part II)
    (African Studies Program, Indiana University, 1981) Kuper, Leo; Kuper, Hilda
    Leo Kuper's lecture examines South Africa's apartheid system and UN attempts to connect that country's race policies with genocide. Hilda Kuper's lecture discusses the role the genre of biography can play for an anthropologist when interpreting foreign cultures.
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    "Short Time to Stay": Comments on Time, Literature, and Oral Performance
    (African Studies Program, Indiana University, 1981) Finnegan, Ruth H.
    Discusses the concept of oral literature as performance, rather than as permanent text. Argues that the performance of oral literature should be seen as an event in time rather than existing in a spatial dimension as text. The author uses examples from Sierra Leone and other parts of West Africa to illustrate her argument.
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    Filling Gaps in Afric Maps: Fifty Years of Archaeology in Africa
    (African Studies Program, Indiana University, 1984) Shaw, Thurstan
    Discusses archaeology's contribution to the historiography of Africa and its effect in changing attitudes to the continent's past over the past 50 years. Situates the discussion in the larger context of attitudes towards the history of Africa since the 18th century.
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    The Rise of Grammatical Categories: Cognition and Language Change in Africa
    (African Studies Program, Indiana University, 1986) Heine, Bernd
    Discusses the grammaticalization of African languages through the study of metaphor.
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    Chingaira Makoni's Head: Myth, History, and the Colonial Experience
    (African Studies Program, Indiana University, 1988) Ranger, Terence
    Discusses the construction of history in the Makoni district of Zimbabwe. Explains his approach by juxtaposing it with his earlier publication, _Revolt in Southern Rhodesia_.
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    Structure and Meaning in the Prehistoric Art of Zimbabwe
    (African Studies Program, Indiana University, 1987) Garlake, Peter S.
    Explores pre-historic art in Zimbabwe. The author acknowledges that, although there are probably thousands of painted sites in the country, most of them are unrecorded. Studies, therefore, including his own, are necessarily based on comparatively small samples.
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    Women's Farming and Present Ethnography: Thoughts on a Nigerian Re-Study
    (African Studies Program, Indiana University, 1990) Guyer, Jane I.
    Explores women's farming among the Yoruba of Nigeria, based on the author's experience of ten years of empirical research on the topic; and relates it to conceptual questions within the field of anthropology.
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    Security Problems: An African Predicament
    (African Studies Program, IU-Bloomington, 1982) Deng, Francis
    Discusses reasons and history of the security situation in Africa in the late 1970s and places the discussion in a historical context.