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    Echoes of the Rainforest: The Visual Arts of the Shipibo Indians
    (The International School of Indiana and the Mathers Museum of World Cultures, 2019) Allamel, Frédéric; Allamel, Bernadette; Feuillet, Léa; Feyock, Paige; Frejenal, Morena; Gouillon, Marius; Greff, Chandler; Horton, Grace; Hoppmann, David; Kachjaani, Mawich; Kim, Ni; O’Neil, Justus; Powell, Sawyer; Schwarz, Margot; Sorto, Abigail Claudia; Vakily, Kiana; Wimmesberger, Caylie; Zhang, Hongyu
    Echoes of the Rainforest / Las Voces de la Selva is a bilingual (English and Spanish) exhibition catalogue exploring the visual arts and their cultural background among the Shipibo people of the Puruvian Amazon region. The exhibition was organized by students and faculty from The International School of Indiana and was staged at the Mathers Museum of World Cultures at Indiana University.
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    Stone Head: The Making and Unmaking of a Local Landmark
    (Brown County Art Gallery, 2017) Kay, Jon
    A research-based article for general audiences about the making, history, destruction, and commemoration of a local landmark known as Stone Head. The article explores the life and work of its carver, Henry Cross, as well as the history of the marker to to the present. Efforts to remember and acknowledge the marker after its destruction by vandals is described, including the creation of a new work by stone carver Casey Winningham.
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    Review of: The Art of Relevance
    (2016) Hatcher, Sarah M.
    The author reviews the book The Art of Relevance by Nina Simon
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    Traditional Arts Indiana at Indiana University's Mathers Museum
    (2016) Kay, Jon
    The author provides a discussion of the public folklore work of Traditional Arts Indiana, a constituent program of the the Mathers Museum of World Cultures at Indiana University.
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    Indiana Folk Arts: 200 Years of Tradition and Innovation
    (Mathers Museum of World Cultures, 2016) Kay, Jon
    The exhibition “Indiana Folk Arts: 200 Years of Tradition and Innovation” and its associated catalogue developed out of years of field research documenting the traditions of Indiana. After receiving the support of the Indiana Bicentennial Commision, as well as funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, students and staff of Traditional Arts Indiana (TAI) began to create a portable exhibit that would showcase the cultural, geographic, and artistic diversity of our state. TAI and the Mathers Museum of World Cultures are proud to present a series of twenty-six exhibit panels that will travel around Indiana at public libraries, state parks, and festivals. In the pages that follow, we provide a sampling of the Indiana artisans whose work spans many genres and styles. As our exhibit states: "For more than 200 years, Indiana has been home to a wide variety of folk arts. Through telling the stories of specific artists, this bicentennial exhibit highlights the important work of individuals in the continuation of traditional arts in our state. While some create art based on skills they learned from their family or in their community, others have reinvented established forms, taking them in new directions. From beadwork and blacksmithing to rug weaving and limestone carving, the artisans featured here represent a few of the many threads within the creative fabric of Indiana." Through this exhibition and catalogue, TAI celebrates the past two centuries of Indiana folk artistry. As these traditions continue, we hope that these stories provide a promising glimpse of what is in store for Indiana’s future.
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    Chinese Vernacular Culture in the Global Midwest: A Workshop Held at Indiana University, September 4-6, 2014
    (2014-10-12) Jackson, Jason Baird
    A report on a project planning workshop--Chinese Vernacular Culture in the Global Midwest--held at the Mathers Museum of World Cultures, September 4-6, 2014.
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    More than Meets the Eye: Photographs as Research Documents
    (William Hammond Mathers Museum, 1995) Kavanagh, Thomas
    "This booklet explores some of the potential uses of photographs as documents through an examination of the Wanamaker Collection of American Indian photographs at the William Hammond Mathers Museum" [=present-day Mathers Museum of World Cultures].
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    Treasures of the Mathers Museum
    (Mathers Museum of World Cultures, 2013) Sieber, Ellen
    This small book contains an illustrated essay on the history of collecting at Indiana University's Mathers Museum of World Cultures presented in the context of the institution's history. The book was published as a companion to the 2013 exhibition Treasures of the Mathers Museum. This exhibition was staged on the occasion of the museum's 50th anniversary.
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    Review: A Companion to Folklore
    (Journal of Folklore Research Reviews, 2013-04-03) Jackson, Jason Baird
    A scholarly book review that includes a brief reflection on wider issues in scholarly publishing.
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    The Story of Colonialism, or Rethinking the Ox-Hide Purchase in Native North America and Beyond
    (University of Illinois Press for the American Folklore Society, 2013) Jackson, Jason Baird
    In this paper I offer a comparative assessment of the ox-hide purchase narrative (tale type AT 2400, ATU 927C*; Motif K185.1) in Native North America. Drawing on my own fieldwork and the beginnings of a historic-geographic treatment, I consider the story from the perspective of work on historical consciousness in Native North America and treat it as an opportunity to establish a link between folkloristics and other fields concerned with interpreting the legacies of colonialism.