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    The Politics and Policy of Decentralization in 1990s Mali
    (2014-08) Pollard, Elizabeth A.
    The primary objective of this thesis is to understand why the Konaré administration aggressively pursued decentralization reforms in Mali. It will assess the local, national, and global forces that prompted the new government to implement decentralization reforms in the 1990s and consider how the administration’s political motivations for decentralization impacted those reforms.
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    In search of nation: the political identity and social mobilization of Kenya's Maasai
    (2013-06) Demille, Jennie L.
    This study seeks to understand the factors that have contributed to the formation of the Maasai ethnic identity and social mobilization in Kenya. Through the use of a methodology that employs interviews and ethnographic work with the Maasai, this research brings to light the perspectives, experiences, attitudes and ideologies that drive collective social action within the Maasai community, and the strategies and action repertoires that characterize the Maasai political movement in Kenya. This study also sheds light on the factors that work to reinforce ethnic solidarity, and ethnically-based social mobilization and political claim-making among the Maasai within the current social, political and economic environment in Kenya.