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    A 20th century life
    (2020) Taylor, Milton W.
    The autobiography of Dr. Milton Taylor from childhood in Scotland, through life on commune in England, then immigration to Israel. becoming a shepherd on a kibbutz, leaving Israel and immigrating to the USA. Education in USA at Cornell and Stanford Universities, and research and teaching until retirement at Indiana University Bloomington.
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    Professional visits to Japan and China
    (2019-10-25) Taylor, Milton W.
    Visit to Japan to attend meetings and sponsor Amgen's consensus interferon. seminar at Hangzhou university and recruitment of students. side visit to Shanghai. problems of tourist in China in early 1990s.
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    My Teaching Career
    (2019-10-24) Taylor, Milton W.
    Teaching career , in music, Sunday school and at IU. Innovations in teaching virology
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    Sabbatical in England (1973)
    (2019-02-11) Taylor, Milton W
    Description of year Sabbatical in England at Cancer Research Institute. Life during the great miners strike and six day war.
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    Cancer Therapy : viral oncolysis
    (2018-05-03) Taylor, Milton W.
    Discovery that specific viruses, such as bovine enterovirus-1 can destroy tumors in vivo in animal model.
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    (2018-04-18) Taylor, Milton W
    History of research on interferon, its activities, structure and use in treatment of hepatitis C. Also analysis of gene induced by interferon
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    Gene Therapy
    (2018-02-02) Taylor, Milton W.
    Introduction to concept of gene therapy and use of APRT negative mutants to test the system. Response of human breast cancer in mice to adenvirus vector containing consensus interferon gene.
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    Bloomington and Indiana University 1967-68
    (2018-01-16) Milton, Taylor W.
    Arrival in Bloomington in 1967 and impressions of the town and the university. Settling into the department of bacteriology/microbiology.Short history of the department . First summer at the Weizmann institute in Israel.
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    First visit to Czernowitz (Ukraine)
    (2017-11-18) Taylor, Milton W.
    A visit to Czernowitz in the Ukraine. Fear of Anti-semitism before the trip. Jewish cemetery in the city.
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    First visit to India ..1985
    (2017-11-18) Taylor, Milton W.
    Visit to India to attend genetics conference. Tour with Dr. Raman Kothari to Jain holy sites and living with him and family
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    Irvine and Laguna Beach (revised)
    (2017-11-12) Taylor, Milton W.
    Arrival at Irvine, to the new campus of University of California for post-doctoral studies with Dr. J. Holland. Finding a house in Laguna Beach. Description of Laguna beach in the 1960's a city of " drugs' and hippies as well as affluence. Started research on tRNA. After one year decision to move on to Indiana University.
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    Stanford University 1961-66
    (2010-11-14) Taylor, Milton W.
    Arrived at Stanford in Palo Alto in Fall of 1961. Found accommodation in Menlo Park and started Graduate school in the lab of Dr . Charles Yanofsky. Worked on bacteriophage genetics. Both children born during this period. Mimi worked for Dr. Clifford Grobstein. Received Ph.D. and decided on a post-doctoral at U. California, Irvine.
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    Cornell University 1959-1961.
    (2010) Taylor, Milton W.
    Arrived at Cornell in Ithaca, and was a student in Poultry Husbandry Department. The faculty was very helpful. Mimi obtained a job in chemistry and later took classes in biochemistry. I was persuaded to pursue graduate studies and discussed the matter with my genetics professor. I was accepted to both Indiana University, Bloomington and Stanford University, Palo Alto with full fellowship. Decided to attend Stanford for the Ph.D.
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    New York 1958-1959
    (2010-10-04) Taylor, Milton W.
    Arrival in The USA and trip to Ithaca. We were unable to afford Cornell and returned to New York City. Eventually I found a job with Arbitron and Mimi with Revlon. Active social life both though work and college I became resident of New York State. Our reaction to the city was mixed. I attended classes at CCNY
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    Marriage and leaving Israel
    (2010-09-24) Taylor, Milton W.
    Living in a suburb of Haifa, and working for Ministry of Agriculture. Advice to apply to universities for 1st degree. Receiving inheritance from grandmother allowing eventual move to the USA. Application for immigrant status.
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    Sinai War, leaving the kibbutz and job hunting in Israel
    (2012) Taylor, Milton W.
    Being drafted into the army during the Suez War, returning to the kibbutz and meeting my future wife, leaving the kibbutz and job hunting , finding a position with the Ministry of Agriculture in Haifa. Thoughts on kibbutz life.
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    Arrival in Israel-- Kibbutz Gal-Ed
    (2017-09-14) Taylor, Milton W.
    Arrival in Israel via France and settling in on kibbutz ( Gal Ed ). Life on the kibbutz, role as shepherd. Choosing permanent settlement.
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    Chapter 8. From Shepherd to Professor-U. California Irvine.
    (2011-11-10) Taylor, Milton W.
    Attending the U. California as a post-doc in the laboratory of Dr. John Holland. experience of living in Laguna beach during the heyday of the Hippies and drug culture
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    The tRNA project
    (2011-02-28) Taylor, Milton W.
    Summary of studies done with tRNA to examine whether tRNA modifications played a role in differentiation and virus restriction.
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    Kibbutz Amiad 1955-56
    (2011-01-24) Taylor, Milton W.
    Description of my time in Kibbutz Amiad, Work with the sheep, Arab wedding, and meeting my wife. Leaving the kibbutz.