History of U.S. Folklore Studies

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In 1988, on the occasion of its Centennial observance, the American Folklore Society commissioned William M. Clements of Arkansas State University to edit a volume of essays on the history of our field during the previous century. His 100 Years of American Folklore Studies: A Conceptual History provides a clear and concise history of the field of folklore in this country from the mid-1800s to the late 20th century. This 82-page book contains 19 brief essays, most focusing on changing concepts of "folklore," the "folk," and "folklorists."

In 1989, the first year of its second century, the American Folklore Society commissioned folklorist Charles Camp to create a publication on the current and possible future state of the field of folklore. That publication, Time and Temperature (1989), included "The Folklorist As…”, a series of short essays by folklorists about the activities, challenges, and opportunities of their work.


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