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    Supplement to Reports on AIDS in the African Press : an Annotated Bibliography
    (African Studies Program, Indiana University, 1990) Schmidt, Nancy J.
    Supplement to earlier bibliography, "Reports on AIDS in the African Press: An Annotated Bibliography", also by Nancy Schmidt. Intended to present sub-Saharan perspectives of AIDS at a time when no large-scale systematic social science research on the socio-cultural impact of AIDS in Africa is conducted.
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    A Bibliography of Africana in the Lilly Library
    (African Studies Program, Indiana University, 1977) Sweetland, James compiler; Gosebrink, Jean E. Meeh ed.
    Bibliography of Africana materials in the Lilly Library at Indiana University. The Lilly Library contains rare books, special collections, and manuscripts. Of particular interest to students of Africa are examples of early African cartography, texts on exploration and travel, manuscripts, volumes on the slave trade, etc. The majority of material in this bibliography pertains to voyages, exploration, and scientific expeditions.
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    Changing Perceptions of Wealth Among The Bamboma (Lower Zaire)
    (African Studies Program, Indiana University, 1990) Schrag, Norm; Martin, Phyllis ed.
    Abstract of Norm Schrag's dissertation, which gives an overview of his findings, and edited and abridged version of its final chapter. Title of the dissertation: "Mboma and the Lower Zaire: A Socioeconomic Study of a Congo Trading Community, c1785-1885"
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    Western Africa To c/1860 A.D.: A Provisional Historical Schema Based On Climate Periods
    (African Studies Program, Indiana University, 1985) Brooks, George E.
    Overview of climate changes and ecological zones and their relation to the history of West Africa.
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    Themes in African and World History
    (African Studies Program, Indiana University, 1982) Brooks, George E.
    Collection of three papers to offer an overview of major themes in African History. Intended for the general reader and for use as introductory or supplementary readings in college and high school courses in African, African-American, and World History. Papers included: "A Schema for Integrating Africa into World History," "Tropical Africa: The Colonial Heritage," and "The African Heritage and the Slave Trade"
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    Speaking of Art: a Giriama Impression
    (African Studies Program, Indiana University, 1981) Parkin, David
    First lecture in a series to honor Alan P. Merriam, IU faculty member, anthropologist, ethnomusicologist. This lecture was first read at the 24th annual meeting of the African Studies Association, and it discusses art among the Giriama of Kenya.
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    Aspects of International Relations in Africa
    (African Studies Program, Indiana University, 1979) DeLancey, Mark W. ed.
    Edited volume which includes: Mark DeLancey, "The Study of African International Relations" Timothy M. Shaw and M. Catherine Newbury, "Dependence or Interdependence: Africa in the Global Political Economy" Ken W. Grundy, "Regional Relations in Southern Africa and the Global Political Economy" J. Gus Liebenow, "The Quest for East African Unity" J. Barron Boyd, Jr., "The Origins of Boundary Conflict in Africa" Patrick J. McGowan and Thomas H. Johnson, "The AFRICA Project and the Comparative Study of African Foreign Policy"
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    The Cattle Industry in Northern Nigeria, 1900-1939
    (African Studies Program, Indiana University, 1973) Okediji, Florence Adebisi Bankole
    Chapter VI of Dr. Okediji's Ph.D. dissertation, "An Economic History of Hausa-Fulani Emirates of Northern Nigeria 1900-1939", plus a map of cattle trade routes, excerpts from a section entitled "Oral Field Evidence", and the questionnaire which she used in interviewing Hausa cattle traders.