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NSSE is pleased to continue its series of live, interactive webinars for faculty, administrators, institutional researchers, and student affairs professionals who want to better use and understand their NSSE, FSSE, and BCSSE data. Webinars are delivered directly to your desktop or to a computer in a videoconferencing room for group viewing. Most sessions are one hour in length, including time for a question-and-answer period. The NSSE website contains a list of future webinars. We encourage institutions to send us suggestions for future webinar topics. Please send your suggestions to Jillian Kinzie, Associate Director, NSSE Institute.


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    NSSE 2023 Mental Health & Well-Being Topical Module: Exploring Ways to Use Your Results
    (2023-10) Priddie, Christen; Kinzie, Jillian; BrckaLorenz, Allison; Russell, Alethia
    Students’ mental health has become an increasingly important topic for colleges and universities. Understanding the environment for students’ emotional, psychological, and social wellness is vital as institutions aim to plan and provide support services and interventions. This webinar offers an opportunity for institutions with NSSE’s Mental Health & Well-Being Topical Module results to explore effective ways to use these data at their institution. The webinar will review the module’s content and structure, discuss selected overall results and highlights from a qualitative analysis of student comments, and suggest strategies that you can use to explore and share your results. This webinar is intended for institutions that participated in the new Mental Health & Well-Being Topical Module in 2023. We encourage you to invite colleagues across campus with interests in this topic to join the webinar, - or view it as a group to facilitate dialogue about your campus’ results. NSSE webinars are live and provide participants the opportunity to ask questions and share information. When you register you will be invited to submit questions and suggestions in advance. We hope you and your colleagues can join us!
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    Your NSSE Institutional Report 2023: Step by Step
    (Center for Postsecondary Research, 2023-08-30) Gonyea, Robert; Kinzie, Jillian; Taylor, Leonard
    The webinar, "Your NSSE Institutional Report 2023: Step-by-Step" reviews the report package and offer strategies for utilizing and disseminating NSSE results.
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    Creating New Possibilities for Students Through Data Informed Advising Practices: Lessons from the NSSE Academic Advising Topical Module
    (NSSE and the Center for Postsecondary Research, 2023-04-26) Kinzie, Jillian; Cole, Jim
    Good academic advising is central to student success. Yet, students’ advising experiences can be uneven and advising tends to be one of the more under-supported campus services. This may be why only about half of students responding to NSSE describe the quality of the advising they receive as very good or excellent. This webinar offers an opportunity to consider the most recent results about first-year students’ academic advising experience from NSSE 2022 and the Academic Advising Topical Module.  We will highlight salient results across three institutional types – doctoral, masters and liberal arts – and discuss the dimensions of advising practice that deserve attention as institutions across the country invest in improving academic advising to provide holistic support. 
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    Teach Me How to NSSE 2022
    (NSSE and the Center for Postsecondary Research, 2022-11-09) Gopal, Kriti; Holmes, Bridgette; NSSE
    Slides from the presentation Teach Me How to NSSE 2022
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    HIP, HIP Hooray! A Guide to Your HIP Quality Topical Module Results & Data
    (2022-10-05) Kinzie, Jillian; Gonyea, Robert; Dugan, Brendan; Gopal, Kriti; Hu, Tien-Ling
    As a participant in the NSSE 2022 HIP Quality module, you and your colleagues are invited to participate in a free Zoom webinar, “HIP, HIP, Hooray! A Guide to Your HIP Quality Topical Module Results and Data.” In this session we will review the module items, data, and reports, and offer guidance on interpreting results. As 2022 was the module’s inaugural year, we are eager to gather feedback from you about how to improve the items and reports for future administrations. We hope you can join us.
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    Your NSSE Institutional Report 2022: Step by Step
    (NSSE and the Center for Postsecondary Research, 2022-09-01) Kinzie, Jillian; Gonyea, Robert
    In this presentation, we review NSSE reports, highlight new report features and offer guidance on interpreting results. We also suggest resources and discuss how to apply results to assessment and improvement efforts.
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    Using NSSE Data in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Assessment Practices
    (2022-04-19) Priddie, Christen; Kilgo, Cindy Ann
    The needs of students, which differ from institution to institution, drive efforts to build and maintain welcoming, equitable environments. The third installment of NSSE’s 2021 Annual Results provides information on how institution stakeholders can intentionally consider diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in their NSSE results and provides guidance on how they can further explore their data. In this webinar, NSSE staff will discuss various methods to examine data to better understand minoritized students’ experiences on college campuses, expanding on methods covered in the Annual Results story, as well as provide other options for intentionally examining data through a DEI lens. The approaches presented in this webinar are applicable to NSSE, FSSE, and BCSSE data.
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    Using BCSSE to Respond to COVID: Institutional Examples and Preparations for Fall 2022
    (Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research, 2022-01-27) Cole, James; Padgett, Ryan; Alana, Oslschwang
    As colleges and universities begin thinking about students entering fall 2022, it is vital to consider new students experiences and expectations after another pandemic disrupted academic year. This webinar will discuss how institutions used the Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE) to re-align, prioritize, and develop programs to be meet the needs of the students who entered in the fall 2021. Summary results from BCSSE 2021 will be used to highlight entering students’ high school experiences, their expectations for the coming year, and the impact of the pandemic on their mental health. You will learn how Northern Kentucky University and California State University Dominguez Hills used BCSSE and other information to provide needed student services and improve the academic experience. There will also be opportunity to discuss how colleges and universities are preparing for fall 2022. This webinar will also feature additional updates to BCSSE 2022.
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    COVID Times and Student Engagement: Using and Interpreting NSSE 2021 Results
    (Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research, 2021-11-18) McCormick, Alexander; Gonyea, Robert; Sarraf, Shimon; Cole, Jim; Kinzie, Jillian
    These slides were presented during a webinar, COVID Times & Student Engagement: Using and Interpreting NSSE 2021 Results NSSE results confirm that the coronavirus pandemic continued to have an impact on higher education and students in academic year 2020-21. For example, as students shifted to mostly remote instruction, participation in high-impact practices such as internships and study abroad understandably declined. Students also had fewer of the usual opportunities for collaborative learning and interactions with faculty, but some may have spent more time in academic preparation. While AY2021 may forever be marked by an asterisk, it is nonetheless important to explore results longitudinally, determine the appropriateness of comparison groups, examine differential impact on student subgroups, and share insights about how the disruption affected student engagement.
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    Your NSSE Institutional Report 2021: STEP BY STEP
    (Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research, 2021-09-23) Kinzie, Jillian; Gonyea, Robert
    Presenters Bob Gonyea and Jillian Kinzie walk through reports, highlight new features and offer guidance on interpreting results. We also suggest resources and discuss how to apply results to assessment and improvement efforts.
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    How to FSSE: Everything you need to know
    (2021-03-23) BrckaLorenz, Allison; Fassett, Kyle
    As we launch the Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE) please join us as we discuss all things FSSE related. This webinar provides past, current, and future (FSSE) participating institutions information about the FSSE project, administration processes, data files and reporting, and online FSSE resources. Webinar participants will learn about what to expect from a FSSE administration and how FSSE can be used to add context to a NSSE administration.We invite you to join us as we discuss the importance of students’ sense of belonging and how to examine belongingness within small populations.
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    The LRCs of Academic Advising—Listening, Respecting, and Caring
    (2021-01-12) Cole, James; Miller, Angela; Holmes, Bridgette
    A free interactive webinar, where we discuss the benefits of trusting and supportive relationships with advisors.
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    Customizing your NSSE Survey: Topical Modules and Consortia Participation
    (2020-10-29) Miller, Angie
    This pre-recorded webinar reviews the basics of customizing your NSSE participation with Topical Modules or consortium participation. An overview of the available Topical Modules and consortia for the 2021 NSSE administration is provided, along with discussion of module content, deliverables, considerations when selecting modules and consortia, and timeline.
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    NSSE & Coronavirus 2020: Preliminary Analysis Results and Recommendations
    (Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research, 2020-05-18) Gonyea, Robert M; Sarraf, Shimon; Dugan, Brendan; Fosnacht, Kevin
    A PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation.
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    Highlighting NSSE 2021: New Offerings in a Year Like no Other
    (2020-09-30) McCormick, Alexander; Kinzie, Jillian; Brooks, Jennifer
    Amid unprecedented shifts in undergraduate education, how can colleges and universities maintain continuity in their assessment efforts while taking into consideration today’s changed circumstances? With this question in mind, we invite you to learn more about how NSSE is responding, including new survey items related to the quality of online learning and the pandemics impact on students, as well as how NSSE can inform issues of diversity and inclusion. This 30-minute webinar will deliver a quick overview of NSSE 2021 highlights, changes in administration schedules and recruitment, and then we’ll dive into your questions.
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    Beyond the Institutional Report: A Guide to Your NSSE Data File
    (2020-08-26) BrckaLorenz, Allison; Gonyea, Robert
    NSSE reports are a great resource for assessing the quality of undergraduate education on your campus, but may not answer specific questions about the engagement of particular subpopulations, relationships between engagement and other institutional information, or the unique experiences of students in different programs or campuses at your institution. Questions such as these can be analyzed using the student-level, identified data files provided with your reports. This webinar is a guided tour of your data files including variable ordering, variable naming conventions, how we create derived variables from survey responses, tips for using various recorded variables, and more.
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    Your Institutional Report 2020: Step by Step
    (2020-08-18) Kinzie, Jillian; Gonyea, Robert
    Bob Gonyea and Jillian Kinzie review the institutional reports and provide strategies for utilizing and disseminating your results.
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    Supporting CSU GradInitiative 2025: NSSE‐BCSSE Follow‐up
    (2020-02-19) Kinzie, Jillian; Cole, James
    NSSE-BCSSE data and the CSU's Graduation Initiative 2025.
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    Promoting NSSE in a Crunch: Increasing NSSE Response Rates
    (2020-02-03) Palmer, Dajanae; Holmes, Bridgette