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  • Powell, Richard L. (Indianapolis, IN: Indiana State Library, 1966., 1966)
  • Powell, Richard L. (Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Geological Survey, 1972)
  • Powell, Richard L. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1972)
    Almost 100,000 acres of land has been disturbed by strip mining in southwestern Indiana within the past 50 years. Pike, Warrick, and Clay Counties contain about two-thirds of the strip-mined land. Strip-mined land amounts ...
  • Straw, W. Thomas; Gray, Henry H.; Powell, Richard L. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1977)
    Since early in human history, land has been considered to be to be the single most indispensable resource. Indeed, some students of economics believe that all wealth is derived ultimately from the land. Land is not, however, ...
  • Kvale, Erik P.; Powell, Richard L. (2004)
    Stone from the Hindostan Whetstone beds in southwestern Indiana was used to fashion gravestones during the early 1800s. Whetstone grave markers were among the very first commercial tombstones used in Indiana. The production ...
  • Powell, Richard L. (Indiana Geological Survey, 1970-05-28)
    This report, prepared for the Bloomington Metropolitan Planning Commission, is designed to provide some geologic background information on the topographic features that have developed as a result of subterranean drainage ...
  • Powell, Richard L. (2006)
    Eighty-six of the approximately 1,850 whetstone grave markers found to date in Indiana and Illinois have been signed by their engraver or the dealer who sold them. The signatures usually are found to the lower right of the ...

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